National Giving a hand out to bludging Farmers

New Zealand’s biggest bludgers, farmers, are on the bludge again and David Carter’s final gift to them is a $80m free water bludge.

Today, Primary Industries Minister David Carter announced $80 million will be invested in a new Crown company to act as a bridging investor for regional water infrastructure development.

The company will be a minority investor in any development project and the Government expects to consider the first proposal within the next twelve months.

“New Zealand naturally has plenty of water – this is about managing the resources for the economy and the environment,” says Minister Carter.

“Reliable irrigation represents a major step in unlocking economic potential for New Zealand, having our tradable sectors growing strongly, and delivering on the Government’s economic growth goals.”

National is working hard to build an economy which is more competitive and productive. Find out more about our plan to build a stronger economy here.

Skeptics will wonder whether ROI will be considered when making investments, and if a loss is made who will be held responsible or if the government will just sweep losses under the carpet.

Funding farmers is a dumb thing for National to do because farmers aren’t swing voters, and after many decades of backing farmers New Zealand’s economy has gone consistently backwards.


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  • cows4me

    “after many decades of backing farmers New Zealand’s economy has gone consistently backward”, yes of course WO, dead right, fucking bludging arseholes it’s all their fault the country is going backwards. Geez WO you breathing in to many exhaust fumes again? Have you ever considered it might be decades of sickly socialism that has got us in the plight we find ourselves in, probably not. Perhaps this 80 mill would be better spent on dorkland’s motorways, can’t upset the townies. What’s the deference between a water scheme and a motorway they will both return a profit. I case you haven’t noticed the worlds population continues to grow and food commodities will become the new gold rush, it makes sense to invest in something that will pay handsomely in the end. Both motorways and things such as this are important but you can’t have one without the other.

    • Patrick

      Too true – decades of sickly socialism

      WFF, free student loans, TOW payouts/compensation, DPB, Dole, Sickness Benefits……penalising the productive & giving to the non productive. The list goes on & on.

      In a moment of madness back in 2k8 I thought John Key might man up & curtail all this, but alas I was mistaken

    • stinkeye3

      Ah, the old aucklands motorways chestnut. Who pays for the nice road to your farm, while we get destroyed roads? auckland

      • cows4me

        Up your way a couple of months ago mate, so your roads are getting destroyed and of course it’s my fault, you have it sweet. Nice road to the farm, ha ha jolly joker, goat track you mean. The amount of revenue Taranaki produces far outweighs the amount spent on roading infrastructure in the province. With agriculture and oil industries your precious dorkland does real well out of us, it’s probably time we turned the tap off and let you buggers squeal for a while.

      • Callum

        State highways are funded centrally from petrol tax etc, most other roads have a massive chunk of their funding from rates. Go swap your urban rates bill with water/sewerage included for a farmers rates bill for which they receive fuck all services and see how happy you are then.

  • Homepaddock

    NZ farmers haven’t had subsidies since the 1980s.

    This isn’t a subsidy. It’s short-term bridging investment for projects which pay multi-decade economic, environmental and social dividends.

  • parorchestia

    Where have you got the idea that farmers receive subsidies? Weird. What world do your live in? They haven’t for decades. This $80 m is the capital required to set up a for profit company. It will enable massive returns for the NZ economy. Perhaps we should insist the enormous subsidies paid to urban roads and to benefit payments be “for profit” too?
    The reasons why our economy has been in decline since (about) 1955 are complex, but include remoteness from markets, small size (though I am not convinced since the top countries by GDP/person are all small bar 1), silly polices, a lotus-eating attitude by the populace, poor investments by government (vote chasing has been elevated to an art form by NZ politicians), high taxes, and poor work practices and attitudes, and a distorted economy.

  • Cameron

    Go away Blubber, our sootie cuzies are the biggest and greatest bludgers!!

  • AnonWgtn

    Greenpeace New zealand will want this cancelled and the money returned so they can build a base for the Rainbow Warrior and others.
    Mrs Token McGillicuddy, part maori (yes one time Serious and Cannabis Unlimited) is making her play whilst her boss is on holiday in Australia.