New PPTA President also on another Planet

For years the NZEI/PPTA commanders have told the nation that teachers may look like their contracts have long holidays in them but the ever vigilant, worked to the bone, stressed, teachers are actually using that time to prepare and do professional development and barely get a moments rest.

However – new PPTA President Angela Roberts not only lets the public know the truth re: the length of teachers recreation she seems to forget that most of the rest of the taxpaying population (i.e. those that pay her wages) don’t have 13 weeks holiday a year.

Roberts is continuing the irrational bleating around Charter Schools and, despite the date having been out there for months, is suddenly concerned about the January 24 deadline for submissions to the select committee. Why the sudden concern? 

“PPTA president-elect Angela Roberts said in a statement about the campaign that the consultation period was deliberately chosen because most New Zealanders would be on holiday.”

Once again the PPTA shows disrespect for the working families of New Zealand who pay the teacher’s wages. Teachers are still on holiday but most working New Zealanders will have been back at work for at lest two weeks by January 24 and some would have only had the statutories.

As to the concerns over Charter Schools. In many countries this is a change and opportunity for children that are being failed by the one size fits all model that the NZEI/PPTA advocate as it allows them to maintain their patch. There are plenty of hard working parents who will love the opportunities these schools could provide. There are also plenty of parents from homes that are not doing well that would love to see the cycles broken – but you can guarantee the Labour/Green/NZEI/PPTA alliance won’t be telling them that – their perceived political gains come before the well-being of their beloved “poor”.

As for new PPTA President Angela Roberts – replacing Robin Duff-osaur – not a good start – but she is sure to enjoy the rest of her long holiday.


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  • Timboh

    “most New Zealanders would be on holiday”. that must be on planet teacher

    • owl

      Is this the Angela Roberts whose school is under statutory management in Stratford

      • Timboh

        Why ask me? I’m not on that planet. You seem to know a lot more than me.

      • Timboh

        Owl, why the question to me about Stratford?

  • owl

    The PPTA really do need to know what they doing in their own organisation first.

    A quick review of their latest financial accounts showed they spent $2.1M on “Policy and advocacy” – will I suggest they poorly spent this multi million dollar bucket and had not got organised enough to meet 24th deadline.

    I can make a submission on their behalf under $5k if they wish to ask me.

    • owl

      actually thinking this through – the person who heads up that department should be sacked if the cant meet a deadline with a budget of $2M – but alas I suggest they will get their annual 3-5% pay increase and that will be paid by a general increase in union fees.

      • stinkeye2

        Looks like Teacherscock/Meg are in with quick downvotes

    • Dion

      That must be how they paid for the full page ad in today’s Christchurch Press.

  • tarkwin

    A good example of a person blindly following ideology when making a statement rather than re-packaging their thoughts in to a far less condescending version, never make a sales rep.