No doubt he was registered?

The various teacher unions oppose Charter Schools for many reasons, one of them is that the government legislation as proposed doesn’t require Charter Schools to have mandatory teacher registration like every other school. The unions and the teachers’ Council say this puts kids at risk.

Of course since they started taking this tack in their opposition to Charter Schools I have been cataloguing plenty of teachers, all of them presumably registered as required by law, committing all sorts of crimes from dishonesty offences through to deviant sexual predatory attacks on children…all registered so the kids could be safe.

A foreign exchange trader is alleged to have stolen more than $837,000 from investors – including family and friends.

Rene Alan Chalmers, a 42-year-old teacher from Pukekohe, appeared at the Auckland District Court today to face 15 charges including theft by a person in a special relationship and making false statements to investors.

The charges relate to him trading in foreign money and allegedly misleading investors. 

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) also alleges Chalmers misled banks when applying for mortgages for three Bay of Plenty properties.

One of the properties, an apartment in Mt Maunganui, is listed as having views of Tauranga and a CV of more than $500,000. A second apartment bought by Chalmers in the same building has a CV of $338,000.

The third property is a five-bedroom house in Pahoia, about 30 minutes’ drive from Tauranga. The five-bedroom home with pool recently sold for $1.195m.

During his brief court appearance yesterday, Mr Chalmers’ lawyer Paul Mabey QC said his client was not ready to enter a plea.

What? Waiting for the teacher’s union to stand up for him saying he was registered so he’s ok.


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  • Richard McGrath

    I wonder if the Teachers Council has powers to suspend a teacher’s registration if they are convicted of a crime above a certain degree of severity. I know the Medical Council does.

    • stinkeye3

      As teachersrock would say, teachers are professionals above scrutiny.

    • Yep, they do have that power. And while recognising that this is dreadful and that teachers should absolutely be subject to the same (or arguably more) scrutiny as other professionals – I think it’s worth pointing out this blog post, which states “In all three professions roughly half the formal complaints that make it to the independent adjudicators are upheld and half are dismissed, but journalists are twice as likely as teachers to receive formal complaints, and police are about forty times more likely.”

      • AnonWgtn

        But Teachers do not have a Professional body like say Doctors – only the Union base organisations to whom they answer,

  • SJ00

    One of the key points in the ad in the Sunday Star Times by the Teachers Council (or one of the many teachers unions) was Charter Schools won’t work because of unregistered teachers. Cam keep highlighting these cases, and how about an article in the Truth, name all the registered teachers that have committed crimes and all the cover ups and wet bus ticket punishments given out.

  • AnonWgtn

    I understand that many part Maori teachers are not qualified.
    Does this not apply to them – no, thought not.
    Part Maori immersion schools are likened to Charter schools – where they can do what they want, and the taxpayer pays, within their rules.
    The new (12months old) part Maori Secondary School in Bethlehem, Tauranga is still kept as a secret.
    Questions are asked by local media and answers verge on myobb.
    I wonder if this still secret school has all qualified teachers – doubt it.