No link between warming and seas level rise

As The Standard posts over 190 comments on a ‘debate’ about climate change, where the world’s best sysop ruthlessly bans anyone who is a ‘denier’ and thus turning the ‘debate’ into a circle jerk and echo chamber the rest of the world wakes up to the con job that is global warming:

THE latest science on sea level rises has found no link to global warming and no increase in the rate of glacier melt over the past 100 years.

A paper published last month in Journal of Climate highlights one of the great uncertainties in climate change research – will ocean levels rise by more than the current 3mm a year??

The peer-reviewed article, “20th-century global-mean sea-level rise: is the whole greater than the sum of the parts?” by JM Gregory, sought to explain the factors involved in sea-level rises during the last century. It found that sea-level rises had not accelerated “despite the increasing anthropogenic forcing” or human influence.

Australia’s pre-eminent sea-level scientist, John Church, contributed to the paper, which said it could not link climate change and the rate of sea-level rises in the 20th century.

No evidence…give us our carbon taxes back.

“We need to move from fear-based to fact-based evidence,” Dr Greene said. “We can trust the current models for the next 10 years, but there are problems after 15 years; sea level rises could be better or they could be worse.”

In other words it is all up in the air, so to speak.

It all make Al Gore’s fanciful 20 feet of sea level rise look like…well…a lie.