Not a gay ute

This ute for sale on Trademe is?definitely?not a gay ute.

not a gay ute

I love the description:

This superb truck has the following features;

6.5 Litre, V8 petrol, 215 Hp, this will use up your carbon credits very fast

Aerodynamics of a brick

Corners like a water bed with no baffles

Diffs – Weldwell rear, LSD front

Non lockable doors, you dont need to belong to the AA

Large isolate switch and fire extinguisher for lucas wiring

Rear mounted radiator, no room to put it in the front

39″ super swamper tyres completely unbalanced

6 speed auto, 2 speed transfer case, only noisey when running

Twin 3″ exhaust with short coby pipes, sounds cool

Air conditioning, the faster you go the colder it gets

Windows, there are none so self cleaning.

Heater, depends on how much you are wearing

Very economical “yeah right”

Dual steering wheels to look cool, got to look cool

Turning circle 2 1/2 large paddocks

Doesnt drip much oil

Short range fuel tank, 20 litres, no fuel gauge either, bugger

No lights, not ideal for night driving

No windows or wipers, not ideal for wet weather

Only two seats, not ideal for family trips

Home to lots of spiders

The rust is a minor problem although it is getting lighter all the time as bits fall off

The vehicle has been built with the enviroment in mind, no trees were cut down and no snails were harmed

Truely a collectors item, I collected lots of items to make it