NZ Dairy Farms used to launder terrorist money

At least the fire appliance from Whangarei is getting a break.

Some readers feel that I’ve been petty to highlight the NZ Horrid’s problems.

I suspect today’s example, part of an ongoing lack of quality at the NZ Herald, will silence all but the sycophants.

In an article about financial regulatory controls to combat and control money laundering, the NZ Herald have not just added a picture of cows, they also have a related tag “Dairy industry”.

The complete article has been reproduced below so you too can read it and discover why the NZ Dairy Industry is involved in terrorist money laundering.

Because I can’t find it. 

Even a picture of a washing machine with money would have been more relevant.  Or some notes, drying on a washing line.  Or some wet notes with soap bubbles on them.

Of course, any business can potentially be used to launder money, so why pick on NZ Dairy?

The NZ Herald needs to come out and explain why they think picking the NZ Dairy industry as a poster child for money laundering regulations is fair and balanced.

I see it as a smear similar to running an unrelated picture of a man next to a story about rape.

Malicious or sloppy?



via NZ Herald, duh.




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  • cows4me

    The Horrid is definitely losing the plot. No where in the article does it give details on where you can sign up for a bit of money laundering. Shit I’m a dairy farmer and if someone wishes to send me money I’ll launder it.

    • Rodger T

      I`ve got some 3 dollar bills I need ironed.

      • cows4me

        Shit Rodger if you’ve got some 3 dollar bills put them on trade me. Trade up

  • Bob

    The Hearld really has gone down hill and is a shadow of its former self, barely read it these days and wouldn’t pay for it anymore. Stuff is fast going the same way, over the last few months it has got worse every day. A race to the bottom? The Hearld is winning but only just!

  • Somebody there must definitely be reading this because it’s changed.

    They now have notes (American) on a washing line. and the tag is now crime.

    • Cam really should be sending them a bill as he is Editor of The Truth for goodness sake yet for FREE he is acting as sub editor/ proof reader for the Horrid. :)

  • Rodger T

    The only Terrorist organisation in this country is the IRD, so yeah, I guess we are all funding those pricks.

  • Whafe

    I HATE the Herald anyway, however I was making a coffee at work this morning and the Herald was sitting there, I flicked through it, seriously, what a joke.. Not even worth wrapping your fish in ships or lining the layijng area of the chook house

    • Tony V

      Whoa, hold on, I still by it occasionally. We just got a new puppy and lay the Herald out on the floor so it can be shit and pissed on rather than our carpet. Great shit-catcher!!