Oh what a surprise

An idiot school that handed out 1200 iPad2 to students can’t account for nearly half of them.

A school which gave out iPads to every pupil in hope of improving their education has admitted that just a year later half the costly devices have been broken.

Honywood Community Science School dished out iPad2 tablets to its 1,200 pupils a year ago, at vast cost to the taxpayer.

Despite warnings that children would not be able to look after the fragile computer tablet, the school in Coggeshall, Essex, allowed children to take the device outside the classroom, playground and street and home at evenings and weekends.

If you giving something of value to people that they haven;t had to pay for themselves then they do not value it the same as you would…and they break and munt things.

It was hoped that the iPads would be a useful learning tool, as well as keep the school up to pace with international competitors embracing the technology in the classroom.

But after just one year, more than four in ten of the iPads had been sent off for repair, after being knocked, dropped or scratched. Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal 489 had to be replaced after being found to be beyond repair.

What about consequences…oh wait…

About a fifth of those sent for repair ? 112 ? had to be sent back more than once.

Pupils said in some of the younger classes, around half the class had broken their tablet at least once, and some as many as three times.

Despite the threat of confiscation after three tablets, ultimately none were taken away from pupils.

There are none.

This is of no surprise to me…disaster waiting to happen.