One handed man convicted for clapping

Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko passed a law making it illegal to clap…dictators do this because they can against a disarmed population.

He banning clapping because dissenters had starting using clapping as a method of protest.

Of course dictators have helpful Police, Army and Secret Service agents who can round up terrible clappers…and so they did.

 Lukashenko was quite pleased with what seemed like a big increase in public approval based on the response to his speeches, only to be infuriated later when he learned it was all protest applause. I can’t find that report now but would like to believe that’s true.

Anyway, once it became clear that clapping was dissent, clappers were rounded up. And like all thuggish regimes this one was not too particular about who it arrested. That included Konstantin Kaplin, who said he was convicted of “applauding in public” despite fairly conclusive evidence of innocence: he’s only got one arm. “The judge read out the charges [and] the police affirmed that I was applauding,” said the one-armed man. “The judge looked ashamed of herself,” he said, but imposed the fine anyway.

A journalist was also quoted as saying that a deaf-mute had been charged with “shouting antigovernment slogans,” but there was no independent confirmation of that.

And what do you know…a Buddhist monk has indeed proven that the sound of one hand clapping exists.


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  • cows4me

    How do you get a one armed Irishman out of a tree?
    Wave to him.