Out of Africa, by 2306km, Herald bombs again

The NZ Herald is running a tragic story of some Kiwi’s killed in a bus crash in Kenya.



The tragedy isn’t just the details of the bus crash. It is also their sub-editing.

A reader emails:

I have noticed you enjoy pointing out the NZ Herald’s frequent poor or lazy choice of images to accompany their articles. Well, here is a beaut:

In todays  NZ Herald they have used a photo of the famous Avenue of the Baobabs  on the island of Madagascar, to illustrate an article about a road crash in Kenya!!

Also if you search for the image on TinEye you find that only one image like the Herald has used exists and they clearly state in the details of the image that it is on Madagascar…


Nice one NZ Herald, only 2306km out, could have been worse I suppose they could have sent the Whangarei Fire truck to assist.




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  • maninblack

    haha gold.

  • fozzie2

    Are you are havin’ a bad day whale – this is tragedy – the loss of three wonderful caring people, yet you choose to twist the story to pursue another silly whale vendetta ….. stuff the families that have been impacted ….. doubt they give a damn about the photos

    • They still could have used a photo of a Kenyan bus, or downtown Nairobi. And papers like the Herald live for “tragedies” likes this.

      • fozzie2

        sorry smally, but what planet are you on ? Who cares about the photos – reporting bad news is what newspapers do – these are good people and their families do not need their sadness trashed this way …

        • Jester

          Your such a fucking plonker Fozzie. Just because your crybaby leftist ass accepts sloppy journalism it doesn’t mean we have to.

          Do the story justice and spend an extra 2 minutes and match the picture to the story is all that anyone asks.

          • fozzie2

            Do you think that the families of these people will give a toss – instead of running a raging war again the Herald it would be nice to think on this occasion whale would show some respect for the lives lost – three amazing Christian people, who lived lives that gave so much. May they Rest In Peace.

          • Lofty

            As do we all you tosser. Know them personally do you?

          • fozzie2

            Well I did not – until I learned their names and yes we spent a wonderful weekend at Brian and Grace’s home, many years ago – a very special and devoted couple – can you quit the insults and just hold them in your thoughts and prayers.

          • Jester

            Oh fuck off with your hand wringing sympathy you pathetic little cunt. Your sympathy has and always is subjective, why dont you take your concern over to the standard with the rest of the opportunists.

        • Lofty

          I happen to know 2 of the sons personally fozzie, they won’t be anywhere near this blog site or could give a flying fuck about it.
          It sure as shit won’t upset them anymore than it does me, the post is about the herald being useless, and no reflection on the tragedy that has befallen the family.

    • Fuck off loser

    • Troy

      Stop being so precious, the focus of the post is not about the tragedy per se, the focus of it is about the sub-standard editorial ability of the NZH – if you can’t see that far into a post maybe you should go post over at Red Alert. Fuck’s sake.

  • Dave

    Check tyre article, you will find a good one