Penny ‘Not Too’ Bright, Council must act to end her bludging

Rob Stock at the Slowly Sinking Tabloid did a piece on Penny Bright and her unwillingness to pay her rates.

Penny Bright, a serially unsuccessful candidate in mayoral elections, stopped paying her rates in 2008 to protest a lack of council transparency. She said she would pay only when the council revealed details of the contracts it was awarding to private businesses as Aucklanders had a right to know where their money was being spent.

Councils have powers under which banks can increase debtors’ mortgage payments to pay their rates bills or they can apply to the courts to have arrears paid from deductions to ratepayers’ salaries

Cactus Kate gets into the serial bludger.

Bright is merely highlighting what a blistering hypocrite she is. ?She does not appear to actually have or want a job, lives in her own mortgage free home (Lord knows how she paid for that) and expects everyone else to pay for her all the time while wailing about how high rates and taxes are for those on “fixed incomes”?

Len Brown needs to man-up and send her the bill which chances are she will not be able to pay as it would be well into the five figures, with full interest and penalties and moves should then be made to sell her home.

In the meantime the Supercity council should release just how much money she owes.

Well, we can go some way to shedding some light into the Penny Bright’s non-compliance world.?

The SST article says she lives in an Epsom home. I’m not sure where they get their details on that but land information records say her house is in Kingsland…quite some way from Epsom the suburb and well outside the boundary of Epsom electorate. She in fact resides in Mt Albert electorate.


According to public records she bought the house for $144,500 and the rateable value now is ?$530,000. Given she paid off her mortgage in 2007 the council has considerable equity in that property to apply liens against for the outstanding rates.

But how much are her council rates exactly?

Excluding water rates her total rates bill for her property in Kingsland is $1790.55.

Uniform Annual General Charge
Number of separate parts
General Rate – Urban Residential
Capital value
Waste Management – Full Service
Per service
Other Targeted Rate(s)
Pre-adjusted rates for 2012/2013 (including GST) $2,130.92
Transition Residential Adjustment $-340.37

For a start?the?council should remove the TRA…she isn’t paying so the full rates should be levied and charged against the value of the house. Her rates also include a Waste Management ?charge of $227.97…and as you can see she puts out her rubbish bin for collection. This needs to stop. She is bludging off the other rate payers of Auckland…and services she is failing to pay for should be ceased.

The Council and Watercare are at least registering a rating charge against the property, but after 6 years she is just taking the piss.



It is time for action, if only to set an example. Penny Bright rails against corporate Auckland, and attacks John Banks all the time, even today she has issued another mad press release invoking people to protest.

Penny Bright is a bludger of the first order. The Council must take action. If you don;t pay then you don’t get a say.