Penny ‘Not Too’ Bright, Council must act to end her bludging

Rob Stock at the Slowly Sinking Tabloid did a piece on Penny Bright and her unwillingness to pay her rates.

Penny Bright, a serially unsuccessful candidate in mayoral elections, stopped paying her rates in 2008 to protest a lack of council transparency. She said she would pay only when the council revealed details of the contracts it was awarding to private businesses as Aucklanders had a right to know where their money was being spent.

Councils have powers under which banks can increase debtors’ mortgage payments to pay their rates bills or they can apply to the courts to have arrears paid from deductions to ratepayers’ salaries

Cactus Kate gets into the serial bludger.

Bright is merely highlighting what a blistering hypocrite she is.  She does not appear to actually have or want a job, lives in her own mortgage free home (Lord knows how she paid for that) and expects everyone else to pay for her all the time while wailing about how high rates and taxes are for those on “fixed incomes”?

Len Brown needs to man-up and send her the bill which chances are she will not be able to pay as it would be well into the five figures, with full interest and penalties and moves should then be made to sell her home.

In the meantime the Supercity council should release just how much money she owes.

Well, we can go some way to shedding some light into the Penny Bright’s non-compliance world. 

The SST article says she lives in an Epsom home. I’m not sure where they get their details on that but land information records say her house is in Kingsland…quite some way from Epsom the suburb and well outside the boundary of Epsom electorate. She in fact resides in Mt Albert electorate.


According to public records she bought the house for $144,500 and the rateable value now is  $530,000. Given she paid off her mortgage in 2007 the council has considerable equity in that property to apply liens against for the outstanding rates.

But how much are her council rates exactly?

Excluding water rates her total rates bill for her property in Kingsland is $1790.55.

Uniform Annual General Charge
Number of separate parts
General Rate – Urban Residential
Capital value
Waste Management – Full Service
Per service
Other Targeted Rate(s)
Pre-adjusted rates for 2012/2013 (including GST) $2,130.92
Transition Residential Adjustment $-340.37

For a start the council should remove the TRA…she isn’t paying so the full rates should be levied and charged against the value of the house. Her rates also include a Waste Management  charge of $227.97…and as you can see she puts out her rubbish bin for collection. This needs to stop. She is bludging off the other rate payers of Auckland…and services she is failing to pay for should be ceased.

The Council and Watercare are at least registering a rating charge against the property, but after 6 years she is just taking the piss.



It is time for action, if only to set an example. Penny Bright rails against corporate Auckland, and attacks John Banks all the time, even today she has issued another mad press release invoking people to protest.

Penny Bright is a bludger of the first order. The Council must take action. If you don;t pay then you don’t get a say.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – agree. However I can’t help but think this “publicity” will be puffing up her ego to the point where she might even get enough street cred to be invited to join the Mana Party…

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I hope the council hurry up and sort this. Im pissed off cause I have to pay rates so why shouldn’t she. If the council don’t hurry up and sort I may stop paying mine and use her name as a precedent and see what they say.

    • SJ00

      Exactly right. Maybe some letters to certain council members to start getting the situation floating around the council. Its going to rub someone up the wrong way and action will be taken. But yeah, otherwise just stop paying. Simple.

  • SJ00

    So there are no concequences to not paying your rates? Why does anyone bother paying at all then?
    I’d go in there and shut off the water, waste and anything else the council provides. I’m sure this would result in a complaint to the UN or something stupid, but seriously, she stands to make quite a good return on the house (just goes to show how stupid house prices have gone lately). I bet she even has some smelly hippies in there paying for rooms, she must be doing alright for herself.

    • dotcom

      Be careful. Don’t protest this way if you have a mortgage on the house. The Council will go direct to the mortgagor, who are obliged under law to pay the rates, and then the mortgagor will charge you penalty rates all in accordance with your mortgage agreement. So as I say, be cautious about this, householders with a mortgage.

      • StupidDisqus

        NZ House Insurance does not cover acts of war or terrorism.
        Were the house to burn, she’d be out of pocket (and out of home)

        • Hazards001

          Do you ever have a rational thought?
          NZ is not at war with anyone and it’s highly unlikely a terrorist is going to target her house so under what scenario would she not be paid out if her house caught fire?
          You’re fucking nuts you know that?

      • peterwn

        Even without that legal provision, the Council simply advises the owner and mortgagee that a rating sale is looming. The mortgagee quickly pays rates under such circumstances. It is a breach of mortgage not to pay rates and the mortgagee could demand immediate repayment in such a case. And also – if there is a forced sale, rates get paid ahead of any mortgages.

      • Mark

        The lender (bank) is the mortgagee. The borrower (owner) is the mortgagor.

  • JeffDaRef

    If this were any of us – “people on the street” – the council would be down on us like a ton of bricks.
    I had council all over me 12 months ago because the concrete surround for my kitchen drain was cracked – even though the ground visibly slopes away from it so the chances of stormwater flushing into the drain are exactly nil!
    Where are the priorities here Len?
    This batshit crazy woman is clearly in their too-hard basket and they turn a blind eye, complete and utter bullshit on their part.

  • peterwn

    It does not matter – there is no hurry. The penalties are mounting up quicker than any interest paid on any extra money the Council has to borrow. The day of reckoning will come when she sells up. The buyer’s solicitor will simply check with Council what rates are owing (or ask her solicitor for this info) and ensure it is paid prior to settlement.

    • StupidDisqus

      The was a young man of Peru
      Who found a dead rat in his stew
      Said the waiter: “don’t shout and wave it about –

      Or the rest will be wanting one too!”

  • StupidDisqus

    Can’t think of a more deserving case for an armed cop, bailff, or debt collector.

    Go in, Glock everyone in the house, seize the estate and auction for a song.

    “Pour encourager les autres”

    • Hazards001

      Jesus wept!

      • StupidDisqus

        Get a grip. She’s a seditions econo-terrorist: what she’s doing is arguably more serious than Taame’s army.

        The whole point of Glocking up the Cops is so that they can deal with all these antisocial elements in the fastest and cheapest way possible.

  • LionKing

    Just instruct the rubbish collector to not empty any rubbish bin from that address. Only then will she realise her sh*t actually stinks. No pay no collect.

    • disqus_nfIMofkNU5

      I used to work for a rubbish collection company in a small town, if we had a problem with someone we’d just dump the contents of their wheelie bin in the middle of the driveway and take it back to the yard with us… bills tended to get paid pretty swiftly.

    • Teletubby

      And turn off her water and her sewerage and grey waste, then she would really find out her shit stinks. If she has chosen to pay for none of those services the council has a responsibility to ratepayers to discontinue supply

      • peterwn

        She is an expert at turning water back on – and with her mates entomb the toby and connection to the main pipe in concrete.

        • WayneO

          She won’t be expert at reconnecting her shit pipe when the council removes the connection at the boundary. Hell it would be fun to concrete that bad boy up.

  • Ratesarerevolting

    i’m torn.

    Yes she is as mad as a meat axe, however there is no doubt that Len Brown is a fucking cunt and the Auckland council are the most mendacious bunch of self serving morons next to the Labour party as the perpetually piss our rates up against the wall for the same degree or even less services than in the previous year.

    So although I can hardly believe i’m saying this, good on her for calling for more transparency from the fucking cunt Len Brown and the Auckland council.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Don’t be torn Rates, two raving lunatics don’t make a right.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I hope she is being wacked with penalties and interest too. Or just get on with the steps required for a Local Government (Rating) Act sale. Forthwith!

  • cows4me

    Shit she gets off lightly, she should be like us bludgers, the fucking councils love us and we don’t get water, sewage, rubbish. Penny it seems is just another bludger in a long line of the pricks.

    • Patrick

      Yes but you must be one of Cullen’s “rich pricks” & therefore you must pay your share, & Penny’s share, & the share the rest of the bludging tossers should be paying. That is the price you pay for living in the Socialist Rebublic of New Zealand. You can thank Clarke, Cullen, Goff, Mallard et al for the genesis of this socialist republic & John Key for nuturing it. Things will really be in full swing when Wee Wussel Norman is Finance Minister along with Minister for Economic Developement & Sssssustainability Metiria Turei

  • worksux

    Good on you Penny. Maybe if more folk did the same your fucken rates wouldn’t be as high. Typical fucken Jaffas, bleat bleat bleat but do nothing, At least Penny is making a stand.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Penny ‘not to’ Bright is indeed batshit crazy. I only hope she hasn’t been breeding.

    Getting onto the serious question of rates and the total lack of council accountability. I have long believed that rates should be less than inflation and that council should have to balance the books and not be allowed to borrow money.

    As this is not the case and councils up and down the country have and are acting irresponsibly with no accountability. I question the needs for rates at all. Before you all start jumping up and down about services etc.

    I know of one capital city and I am sure there are others that have no council mandated local rates, all funding come from central Government.

    When these political lightweights get into power the first thing they do is vote themselves a pay rise, the 2nd thing they do is fund all there pet projects regardless of merit or cost.

    Look at the recent debacle at Howick. $20,000 for a meeting that achieved absolutely nothing and nobody was held accountable.

    No Fund rates on a per capita basis from central Government and limit councils to essentioal services.

  • Dion

    I agree with others here – if this were a regular, law-abiding citizen the council would be onto them like a ton of bricks.

    More importantly though, she seems to have made a large capital gain on the property – i hope that unlike Sam Morgan she voluntarily pays some tax on that upon selling up!

  • Mr_V4

    Well the thing with Penny is she does make some goods points sometimes, but why does she have to be so bat shit crazy about it. I think this tends to turn people of rather than attract people for the cause. You can’t argue that councils have used all manner of private consultancies that really provide very little for the dollars, the only reason they are used is so council can escape it’s liability and responsibility.

    And it goes to show you never really own your house.