Peter Slipper is a dodgy bastard

The Peter Slipper fiasco continues on in Australia. Julia Gillard’s government is in disarray, propped up by crooks, liars and dodgy bastards, and one by one they are being picked off.

Slipper was summonsed to face court next month for alleged breaches of federal criminal laws, further destabilising Julia Gillard’s minority government in an election year.

The police statement said it was ”in relation to three offences of dishonestly causing a risk of a loss to the Commonwealth”.

The Queensland MP is due to appear in the Canberra Magistrates Court on February 15, where he can expect to be formally charged.

The Australian Federal Police have not confirmed what the summons is about, but court documents show that they relate to Mr Slipper’s alleged misuse of travel entitlements. The alleged offences carry a maximum five-year jail term.

He is alleged to have rorted his expenses to pay for cab charges carting his arse around vineyards. 

Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper used a government-issued Cabcharge card to pay for trips to leading wineries in the Canberra region, court documents allege.

A summons document in the ACT Magistrates Court alleges that on three occasions in 2010, Mr Slipper took a hire car to visit wineries that included the top-rated Clonakilla winery, well known for its $85 Shiraz Viognier.

On one trip in January 2010, Mr Slipper travelled from Parliament House to six wineries before taking the hire car to his home suburb of Hughes.

They included Poachers Pantry, which is famous in the Canberra region for its gourmet smoked meats, as well as its winery.

According to the documents, Mr Slipper stopped at and visited each of the six wineries, which also include Doonkuna Winery, Yass Valley Wines, Shaw Estate Vineyard and Gallagher Wines.

”Mr Slipper knew that he was not entitled to use the Cabcharge card to pay for the hire car fare, but he did so,” the description of offences says. The former speaker – who resigned from the position last October – allegedly used the card by filling in and signing four Cabcharge dockets instead of one.

”He filled in the trip details on the dockets by showing false information,” including the pick up and put down locations and the amount of the fare. The documents further allege that Mr Slipper travelled to wineries again in April and June 2010.

The trips described in the documents, including some within Canberra, cost $1194.

Over a grand on cab fees…to tour vineyards…not looking goo, and when he is charged it will look even worse.

Which all leads to this classic from Cream – Politician, which somehow is highly appropriate for Peter Slipper.

Hey, hey now baby, get into my big black car
Hey now baby, get into my big black car
I wanna just show you what my politics are.
I support the left, tho’ I’m leanin’to the right


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