Photo of the Day

Yesterday we had Chernobyl, but no, I am not on a disaster kick.  However, disasters do produce interesting photographs.


This one is of the 2012 Jahra (Kuwait)  tire fire.

The five (some say seven) million tire fire erupted on April 16 and was thought to be started deliberately by scrap metal hawkers looking to recover scrap metal.

Here’s a video of it:  

The Inquisitor writes:

Firefighters from the national guard, the army, and the oil sector were called in to put out the tire fire. According to the Kuwait fire department, at least five million tires were set ablaze in the junkyard.

According to the EPA, a tire fire can become a “major hazardous incident” that affects the entire community. The EPA writes:

“(When) a tire fire occurs, tires break down into hazardous compounds including gases, heavy metals, and oil. The average passenger car tire is estimated to produce over two gallons of oil when burned. Oil that exudes into ground and surface water as a result of tire fires is a significant environment pollutant… Air pollution is also produced by tire fires. Air emissions may include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), benzene, styrene, phenols, and butadiene.”






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  • thor42

    Someone show this to Al Gore. It’ll give him a coronary.

    • cows4me

      Probably not thor, good chance to sale the Kuwaitis some of his useless carbon credits.

  • Lofty

    Actually I should have remembered this wee gem yesterday when I read the post on Chernobyl

    “Why should you not wear Ukrainian Y-fronts? Because Chernobyl Fall

  • its probably greenaganda

  • NoVictim

    Im no Greenie but that just cant be good.