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Sardine night fishing is a necessity.

Says Stefan Glinski:

We have to fish at night because that’s when the fish can be caught; in the daytime, they can see our nets. We find the sardines with sonar, then we surround the shoal with the net and make the net smaller and smaller.  

The fish are very sensitive to light, so we turn the lights off when we’re putting the nets out. We can still see what we’re doing, because there are backlights from our navigational equipment and our sonar, as well as the light from the shore and the moonlight.


The varying seasons mean it isn’t like a normal job where you’re doing the same thing all year. There’s also the joy of catching fish in the quantities we do. Most people go to sea and can be there all day or week or month; we go to sea and within an hour we’re there, catching fish. We go back home again with a boatload of fish, which is every fisherman’s wish.

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  • Pissedoffyouth

    That’s awesome, good on them.