Photo of the Day

Unexploded ordnance east of Damascus, Syria.


(Karm Seif/Shaam News Network/via Reuters)


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  • toby_toby

    Is that where I left that thing? I’ve been looking everywhere!

  • starboard

    Its only a matter of time before the despot Aassad suffers the same fate as Gaddafi…sodomised with a broomstick then shot in the head..good riddance to the scumbag

    • Timboh

      Be careful what you wish for. He might be a scumbag but waht willk replace him will be infinitely worse.

      • Simo

        You are on the money there, the FSA is full of scum from every hellhole in the Middle East. These are Jihadista MOFO’s who are destroying Syria bit by bit. I’m no Assad supporter, but the Syrian people will have genocide perpetrated upon them if these scum succeed. This is why NATO etc won’t intervene.

  • Hazards001 a Russian made tank and get a vote on the UN security council and a money back guarantee on any failed goods if you collect and return them yourself.