Photo of the Day

Photo of 20,000 pre-drilled holes at the Brainerd Jaycees 2013 23rd Annual $150,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza held a few days ago.  (Brainerd, MN)


Here’s a link to a larger image.

Bonus video of the event, uploaded 2 days ago:  

Here is the official web site of the event.




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  • tarkwin

    Don’t tell the Greens, they go all strange if anyone drills a hole anywhere.

  • Greg

    No No this can’t be true Key said that global warming is a reality and thats why we all pay ETS.

  • Andrei

    Talking of holes cut in the ice……

    • Lofty

      Oh you naughty thing you and thanks. :-)

  • LabTested

    lazy picks having pre-drilled holes. How it is supposed to work from my experience is;

    1. lug a sled with a shit load of kit into the middle of the lake
    2. hand drill a hole through a meter of ice & drop in a line
    3. have a beer cos you got so hot with the drilling
    4. shovel snow to build a snow wall to keep the wind off cos it is getting a bit cold
    5. have a beer cos you got hot with the snow shoveling
    6. build the snow wall higher
    7. repeat for 7 hours

    ps if a fish comes along it is a complete shock to everybody