Pick a snake, any snake, even if it is the wrong one

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Good old Customs, shows how much they do for all the fees the charge to clear stuff. The Herald has an article about a snake found in a Manukau scrap yard:


Image used is a of South American boa constrictor, sub species Boidae

Snake in question is a Candoia, of South Pacific origin.

No word on if there is a Whangarei subspecies.

Here is a handy video for Herald sub-editors: 

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  • visitor

    What does it have to do with Customs? Its a biosecurity issue. Read the article numbnuts – the correctly trained person discovered it and it was dealt with appropriately. It was discovered when the container was initially opened here in NZ, not much can be done about the biosecurity at the other end.

    • You read it cocksmoker…it got all the way through customs and was a worker at a private firn that notified…and the snake is still wrong on THe herald website

      • visitor

        Whats a “firn”?
        Again thicky, read the article, the container was opened and a dead snake was found due to the poison spray put into the container by biosecurity before opening,done in the event such as this any critters hitch a ride.Looks like the system worked doesnt it? So where exactly did the snake “get all the way through customs”? They dont turn up like at the airport with a passport. And the worker is as mentioned in the article the correct person to open it. I doubt Customs sends a rep out to the opening of every container-theres over a million a year so unlikely, so they have people trained on sites where these containers are opened.Little bit of research never went astray.