Pissed Frog blames NZ for her poor driving

A pissed Frog is trying to blame NZ authorities for her driving on the wrong side of the road and?causing?an accident:

A 30-year-old Frenchwoman who police say was driving on the wrong side of Frankton Rd when her vehicle collided with a taxi at 4.40am yesterday said the New Zealand authorities should share the blame.

I know bureaucrats can be infuriating but she is taking the piss.

Senior Constable Chris Blackford said her explanation was she was adhering to the French road rules and since New Zealand authorities permitted her to drive, they must take some responsibility.

”The fact that she had a breath-alcohol level of 765[mcg] may also have something to do with it.”

There were no injuries. The woman will appear in the Queenstown District Court on January 7.

Yeah the nearly double breathe alcohol limit didn’t cause her retarded driving…give her a Tui…oh wait