Poem of the Day: Ode to Gareth Morgan

Posted by Hamilton Lad in the comments, I thought it deserved a wider audience

We worry Gareth Morgan

Are you a fool, or is there doubt?

Make it easy for us Gareth,

Open mouth – remove all doubt!

We worry Gareth Morgan

We can’t see where you’re at.

Are you working on our KiwiSaver

Or trying to kill our cat?

We worry Gareth Morgan,

You stunned us quite a bunch,

When you threw those bucks at Happy Feet

Then turned him into lunch!

We worry Gareth Morgan

You’ve made this such a farce

How does a garden gnome get his head

That far up his arse?


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  • Hamilton Lad

    Thanks Travis!

    • Random66

      Well written and very clever.

    • I read it in my mind with Sam Hunt’s voice and cadence. Fun!

      • Tom

        Haha dammit you’re right that was great!