Poseur Alert – Turia smacks out Shearer for being a “poser”

Tariana Turia has not taken much time at all to sledge out David Shearer for attempting to cuddle up to the Exclusive Bro-thren aka Ratana.

Labour leader David Shearer has said he will gun for the Maori Party electorate seats next year, exploiting the uncertainty in the party – but co-leader Tariana Turia has retaliated, saying Mr Shearer was a poser and Maori people would see right through him.


Mrs Turia, who is a Ratana morehu (follower), said Mr Shearer was a poser for turning up for the church service – a day which should be politics-free.

“I think it’s false, because his reasons for coming are not to honour the manaakitanga – his reasons for coming are to try and influence the morehu [followers] vote. It’s a laugh.”

She also rejected his claim that the Maori electorates were ripe for the taking or that the Maori Party was vulnerable.

“He’s got to stop posing and realise that Maori people no longer sit at home and believe all the garbage that comes out of Labour’s mouth.

“If they blithely think that’s just because we have a leadership change that the Maori Party won’t continue to function in Parliament the way it always has, they are quite wrong.”

Mrs Turia also called for the alliance between Labour and Ratana to end, saying it gave undue influence to one group of Maori to select a candidate for Labour.

Far from ending Labour is looking to further empower the Exclusive Bro-thren but making them a full affiliate with voting rights.

Labour attacked National because members of the Exclusive Brethren wanted to spend their own money in an election, they even wrote a law to attack such freedoms. Now they are cuddling up to their own cult church.


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  • Troy

    Shearer is ex-UN, so of course his thoughts are parasitical, therefore this leads him to think he can latch onto a religious group and suck them dry for support. This is typical of Labour. Desparate losers.

  • Pete George

    I wonder what the other affiliates (unions) will think if their vote is diluted by Ratana.

    Interesting points about affiliate power.
    – a few affiliate leaders (purportedly on behalf of union members) have a disproportionate amount of voting power
    – if members of unions are party members do they get two votes, one as affiliate and one as member?
    – if union members belong to a party other than Labour they are in effect have a say in more than one party. It is feasible a Mana member could be an affiliate delegate.

    • Alex

      The big question I’ve got is just what influence has Ratana over the Maori electorate? Has anyone quantified it? My perhaps uneducated impression — based on the fact that of all the Maori I’ve met, I’ve only ever met one Ratana follower — is that Ratana is a minority sect in Maoridom. Seems to me that Labour still hasn’t learnt it’s key lesson from the last two elections ie, that people are sick of its brand of divisive, patronising identity and sectional politics.

      • Mr_V4

        Maybe they’ve got photos of Parekura, Tuku Morgan and Nania Mahuta engaged in a Ménage à trois?

  • Gazzaw

    Maori politics – where only fools hasten to tread. Shearer will live to regret the last three days.

    • Patrick

      As long as he gets into power in 2014 – he will consider any price is a price worth paying. Just as Clarke was willing to hold her nose & entertain Peters. Then turn a blind eye to his lying corrupt practices. Power the ultimate corrupter.

      • StupidDisqus

        Clark wasn’t willing to hold her nose & entertain Turia.

        Key was – and still is.

        Interesting fact for some of the more melanin-impoverised commenters here

        • Patrick

          Just don’t disregard the hstory, Clarke & Turia’s falling out was over the Foreshore & Seabed issue, it was always going to be a stretch to expect those two to bury the hatchet. Especially after Clarke called them haters & wreckers. Probably the biggest clanger in Clarke’s political career, ended up costing her a coalition with Peters, Maori Party et al.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Absolutely right. Sheep knows that he is in the last stretch to victory. Tories, now that even Whale Oil has given up on Emperor, game over boys.

      • parorchestia

        She was corrupt before she seized power.

    • Waitakere Man will not appreciate David Shearer marching to the beat of the Ratana brass band.

      • Jester

        At least a predominately Maori speaking event won’t be the last place that Shearer goes to and people comment that they don’t understand a fucking word he says!

        • parorchestia

          The tttrouble is ugh is, he says ss um it all t twice.

  • Meg

    Little 2 faced of Turia there. Apart from her, what connection do any of the other Maori Party members have to Ratana?

    Say what she likes, but the Maori party are using Ratana in the same way every other political party has since the dawn of the movement. Only this year, she is panicking because the Maori party are about to vanish off the political scene, so she feels the need to throw some mud and prey that it saves her party.

    • She never called Maori haters and wreckers though…Clark did that…no wonder the Maori party got legs back then.

      • Meg

        And now that Clark as gone and the Maori Party have proven they will sell their people down the river to be in government, Maori will go back to Labour.

        • Honcho

          I disagree with that, nothing I have seen from the maori party shows them selling their people down a river, dispite the lack of progress made on key issues, Turia for one takes a pragmatic approach and ensures her peoples needs are respected. I have a lot of time for Turia and Sharples, they are both good politicians.

    • Alex

      Think Turia’s comment here is pertinent:

      “In previous years, Mrs Turia has criticised politicians as “vultures” for travelling to Ratana to seek votes.

      She said she still felt that way. Although she attended in her capacity as morehu, she did not speak, and other Maori Party MPs also did not speak on the marae.”

      • Meg

        And yet they will be there pressing flesh, making promises and what not. Just because they do not get up and make a speech don’t think they are not working the crowds.

  • StupidDisqus

    Due to the underlying mathematics of both MMP & especially FPP before that – the presence of the Maori seats helps National. Why? Because they take a whole lot of left-leaning voters out of other seats and concentrate them together in just a few seats. As a result, the “general” electorates lean more National than they would without Maori seats.

    From that perspective the Maori party going with National makes perfect sense…

    If the Maori seats had been abolished, we’d probably have Phil Goff as PM. Just sayin’

  • parorchestia

    Tariana is right on both counts: The Sheep is a poseur, and Liebour is unduly influenced by Ratana. Aren’t politics, like the state, supposed to be secular?