Posties and the EPMU

Posties could be saved if the EPMU spends less at Palmers Garden World.

The incoherence award for confusing media releases goes to the EPMU after NZ Post faced up to reality and Minister Amy Adams grew a pair after vacillating for far too long on a modern postal service.  Not that this has pleased the comrades at the EPMU.

In a superbly worded media release it managed to argue for and against itself. Galileo must have been wrong given the EPMU spinning these pearls of wisdom:

“Moving to a three day mail delivery service is not sustainable or justified by current mail volumes, says the union for postal workers, the EPMU.”

Yet, forgetting what they wrote only two sentences beforehand, EPMU postal industry organiser George Collins adds this wonderful insight: 

“Postal services all over the world are suffering from declining mail volumes and having to adapt, and New Zealand Post is no different.”

So let me get this straight. Postal volumes are in free fall but not one job should go. Great way to run a business eh, I wonder if the EPMU does that judging by its staff sloping off to Remuera Palmers at 1:30pm on a weekday afternoon. Thank goodness they are so noble because:

“The EPMU is working together with New Zealand Post to find ways to adjust to this decline while protecting postal workers’ jobs and the integrity of New Zealand’s postal service.”

The clanger comes right here since having opposed a reduction in delivery days as unjustified, the EPMU says:

“This may involve a reduction in the number of delivery days or redeployment within New Zealand Post, but we would caution against any kneejerk reactions.”

So the EPMU says it is okay to deliver less of a service so long as not one union member loses their sub paying role, I mean, job.

Here is my reaction, this is Class 1 bullshit from a bullshit bunch of useless non-entities way past their use by date. If you work at NZ Post you don’t need these dinosaurs taking your money to spend at Palmers when they are paid to be working for you.

My advice, “return to sender.”


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  • cows4me

    So I guess the logical solution for the EPMU will be to call for higher and higher postal charges, to make up the shortfall, which would in turn further lower mail volumes. The EPMU will of course try to milk their NZ post members for all they are worth, dickheads, these fucktards are their own worst enemies. The sooner these corrupt commie bludgers are starved out of existence the better of NZ will be.

  • Allyson

    Do posties get paid time and a half for working Saturdays? I notice I rarely get mail Thursday or Friday, but always on Saturday

    • starboard


  • Patrick

    Why should anyone be lectured on how to run a business by the Unions – they are a “cook the books” bunch of guys.

  • AnonWgtn

    If NZ Post stopped funding KiwiBank tens of millions every year since inception, it would find itself in a better financial position.
    But Kiwibank would be insolvent otherwise, in accordance with reserve bank solvency rules.

    • Hazards001

      Really? I was completely unaware NZ Post was it propping up, I would have suspected the opposite.