Prediction #10 Comes Good

I made a few predictions for 2013…prediction #10 has come true.

David Farrar sees his willie for the first time in decades and celebrates by blogging about some boring subsidised liberal elite play.

Just for shits and giggles Stuff is showing their media creds by listing a CEO of an airline, a CEO of a dance company, a Saffa imported comedienne, the CEO of Trademe, a food blogger and an arts, travel and fitness blogger are the most influential people in NZ.

They even think the arts, travel and fitness blogger has New Zealand’s most well read blog.

Ahhh…shows the accuracy of their predictions that these will be people of influence and effect…most of them will have influence and effect on gouging cash from citizens and filling their personal coffers….including the lawyers and judges on the list.

You want arts…how about drumming on a Fat Samoan. Form the blurb on the video:

Check it out as these three drummers lay down some sweet beats on this mans tummy! Tummy Talk is an experience of human sounds that cannot be described, but only seen.

THE ACTUAL SOUNDS AND NOISES FROM THE VIDEO WERE RECORDED ON THE HUMAN BODY. No Samoans were harmed in the making of this video! :)


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  • Hazards001

    Ummm…no…not clicking that vid…no no no no no! NO!

  • Stuarts.burgers

    Dam now that Farrar is only 81% of the man he was we will not be able to involve him in a Wellington version of this amazing work of art

  • fozzie2

    Ouch – the green eyed monster strikes again …

    • When he had the Top Blog I wouldn’t have blinked an eyelid at this nomination. However as Whaleoil has been the Top Blogger for some time now I think it is fair enough that he is miffed at their inaccuracy at stating that KiwiBlog is the most read.

      • Not miffed Laughing hilariously at the inaccuracy…they even said Farrar was from Auckland