Prime Time Viewing for the next 8 months

Farrar is telling us all to fill the esky full of XXXX, out a few prawns on the barbie and strap into the sofa as the Australian election approaches.

“The unpopularity of the two leaders will be the main talking point because most people will agree, both the leaders are very unpopular,” veteran election analyst Malcolm Mackerras said.

“I think it will be a nasty campaign.” 

The broken carbon tax promise and inability to deliver a budget surplus was widely perceived to have left Labor’s reputation and economic policy in tatters, he said.

“They have established a general trust which the Labor party have failed to establish,” he said.

Sadly I think he is right, and it will be a pretty nasty campaign.

Politics done properly. The corrupt Labor Party will get it in the arse in many states although the ALP reckons that they might be in with a show in Queensland where they got so badly hammered the Coalition Premier felt he had the political capital do something, thus pissing off lots of bludgers who were on the government teat.


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  • Captain Crab

    Craig Thomson just arrested for fraud. 150 charges. ALP majority gone as I think he has to resign now.
    Polling over the last six months show a 5% swing to the Libs. Labor reduced to 51 seats vs 91 for the Libs. That excludes the independents who will go too. As for Malcolm Turnball he may as well be in the ALP. He is yesterday’s man.
    The Greens will be wiped out.
    Gillard called the date so she can avoid a by election . The odds are Slipper will resign. He is truly stuffed because of the sexual harassment case against him.
    Lots of popcorn to eat on this one . Our Oz cousins are fed up with the endemic Union corruption.
    Also Gillard is being investigated for preparing and using a Power of Attorney illegally to access Union funds which were gathered fraudulently .
    It will be a wipeout for the ALP.
    Good job. Couldn’t happen quickly enough to a bunch of corrupt liars

  • LesterPK
  • Captain Crab

    Nice comment below from Steve Cates at Cattalaxy. Key will have the same problem
    So here is the problem facing Tony Abbott as he tries, as did Mitt Romney, to put together a package of proposals that will deal with the actual problems Australia has. In running against a party of the Left, based on Obama’s re-election campaign these are the problems he will need to keep in mind.

    They will use some of the most sophisticated analytical and statistical techniques available to uncover every grievance in every sub-constituency. They will then target these groups with promises to fix whatever problems they pick up.

    They will run a precisely targeted campaign of fear based on the threat of losing programs or payments that benefit each of these sub-constituencies.

    They will label the Coalition as representatives of a tired, old ideology based on principles no longer relevant in the twenty-first century. Misogyny, reproductive rights, religion, along with any number of issues that their analytics team has identified, will be driven whether or not there is any reality behind these fears. Labor being the party of the path of least resistance is almost never under such threats.

    They will promise what cannot be afforded and dare the Coalition not to match their supposed generosity. Criticisms about the affordability of such ideas—where’s the money coming from?—will work just as well for the ALP.

    They will invent sources of revenue that will never in reality cover the cost of their programs but which are sourced well beyond their own target constituency.

    They not only will have but will expect to have, and will be entirely dependent on, virtually the whole of the media being in their corner at every stage of the way who will cover for Labor to the fullest extent they can while ratcheting up the decibel count on any issue that might harm the Coalition.

    The Left’s incompetence and bad government are never enough to ensure its defeat. And the more that outdated notions of personal freedom and independence are moved downwards in the scale of collective values the more difficult a party of the Left will be to dislodge. The ALP has not yet lost the next election. Barack Obama, with hardly a success to his name, is still the president. Polls or no polls, who the Australian prime minister will be a year from today is yet to be determined.”

    • StupidDisqus

      The Left’s incompetence and bad government are never enough to ensure its defeat

      where have the “left” ever given in without a fight?

  • StupidDisqus

    Sadly I think he is right, and it will be a pretty nasty campaign.

    What’s “sad” about that. There’s no way to tell the truth about Gillard, Labour & the Unions without being branded nasty!

    And with Abbott promising the kind of policies Australia needs – and NZ needs far far more – the end of greenism, unionism, and giving police the power to deal with criminals and terrorists once and for all – of course Labour, Aussies bludgers and the unions will do all they can to keep their power, their incomes, for many their freedom, and for quite a few, their lives.