Really? Well Shit, I had No Idea…

Looks like the drugs cheat denier may have come clean in his interview with Oprah Winfrey today:

Lance Armstrong, who for years vehemently denied cheating while winning a record seven Tours de France, told Oprah Winfrey that he used performance-enhancing drugs to advance his cycling career, according to media reports.

ABC News and USA Today, citing unnamed sources, reported Monday night that the former cyclist finally admitted to using steroids during an interview he and Winfrey taped Monday night in Armstrong’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

Armstrong was emotional at times during the session, a source, who was familiar with the interview, told CNN.

The person refused to discuss the specifics of what Armstrong said, including whether he confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs as ABC and USA Today reported.

Armstrong also might pay back part of the money he received from the U.S. Postal Service, which sponsored the cyclist and his team while he was winning six of his Tours de France, the source said. – source

The interview will screen on Friday NZ time on Sky.


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  • Any admission will be very carefully worded. Armstrong has a history of doing what is best for Lance Armstrong, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

    • Travis Poulson

      No surprises that he’s gone to Oprah, she’ll allow him to turn it into a personal sob story so that everyone feels sorry for him as opposed to someone that will slay him with hard questions and criticism. Maybe she will, maybe not. All will be revealed on Friday.

      • 4077th

        You know as well as I do Trav that she is just as full of shit as he is. It’s pure gold for her and her production company and while she may portray a concerned “friend” she is purely interested in the cash the same thing Armstroke is and was. He will be banking a nice fat cheque after today I guarantee it and so will she.

        • I hear that all audience members will be getting a special souvenir gift from Lance and Oprah. There’ll be a bag of EPO and a testosterone capsule under every seat…

  • Travis Poulson

    I hope the lying sack of shit gets everything coming to him. He better not be crying in the interview either. He has no right to cry about anything, he’s a fucking cheat and a con artist.

    • Bunswalla

      Trav, he’s crying about getting caught. Like my three-year old son used to say after being told that smacking his sister in the head with an avocado was not how we did things in our family “You made me feel bad!”

      Manipulative little shit.

      Lance, that is.

    • Lion_ess

      Going back a bit, most sports “stars” take performance enhancing drugs.

      Actually, the days of patriotic sports/non drug-taking sports ended many years ago. Today, it’s all about money and advertising.

  • williamabong

    I admired LA and after reading both his books thought his was one of the most maligned sportsmen on the decade, now it appears he is a lying cheating cunt, if the accusations are correct he deserves to go under the bus.

  • Jane

    Now lets put David Bain on the Oprah show ….

    • dotcom

      So long as Joe is not with David. Imagine if Lance had had Joe, Lance wouldn’t be confessing, he’d be getting millions in compo.

  • Dani

    Pure Envy…typical left wing campaign…he beat all the other cheats, all the noise cause he’s got 100M and the rest dont

    • Honcho

      Still no evidence that he did anything just statements and submissions, I hope like hell this is all just a publicity stunt for honours sake.

      I still dont understand how he could possibly have beaten routine drug testing, fooled the UCI and french authorities, who for the record hated his guts while he was winning, public enemy number one, if they had anything and anything at all they would have nailed him, they did not respect him, l’equip never once referred to him by his name after he won in ’99 until after he had retired the first time, always rudely refering to him as “le american”.
      I simply dont understand the science that can allow someone to pass over 600 drug tests, whilst doping, EPO, CERA, exogenous testosterone … everything can and would be detected.

      Maybe as a cancer surviver, with my good fortune in quick diagnosis and treatment owing in no small part to the awareness generated by this much maligned cyclist, I feel I owe it to him to not take the accusations against him on face value, there can be no denying that there are heavy politics at place on both sides …. its just sad that the sport of kings, right now, is the big loser.

      • Mr_V4

        Well that is certainly one issue, all this testing that goes on at ultimately taxpayers expense, which has to get more and more sophisticated (read:expensive) every year as the drug takers try to evade detection. What do the taxpayers get out of it, “a clean sport” – not alot.

        First thing that needs to happen is for all these sports to pay for their own testing, esp. the facilities. Then we’ll see which sports are viable.

        • Honcho

          No it does not, get your facts straight. Not one cent of government money gets spent on drug testing at cycle races.

          Drug testing is paid for by race organisers as mandated for UCI accreditation, this cost is then past through race entry fees for teams and through commercial sponsorship (naming rights etc).
          This is even the case in the states, although, organisations like the USADA get a bottomless pit of federal funds to spend pursueing which ever athletes Travis Tygart has a vendeta against, with zero accountability on his part.

          you can sleep well knowing that your precious tax dollars are being spent instead on other things we really really need, like cullens trainset, bludging for families and interest free student loans for arts degrees.

          • Mr_V4

            Who do you think pays the salaries of USAD officials?
            Despite it being a so-called non-profit, non-governmental agency, lo and behold, major funding comes via the US federal govt.

            “As an independent, non-governmental, nonprofit organization, USADA receives funding through a grant from the United States government. The agency also has a contractual agreement with the USOC for conducting an Olympic Anti-Doping Program, testing U.S. athletes and the adjudication process for doping violations. The 2009 budget for USADA is $13.3 million, with approximately 74% from the federal government and 26% from the USOC.”


            Also look who funds the WADA.
            “Governments reconfirmed their commitment to fund half of the Agency’s
            operating budget in the Copenhagen Declaration and in the final text of
            the International Convention Against Doping in Sport, which was
            unanimously adopted by UNESCO’s General Conference in October 2005 and
            took effect on February 1, 2007”


          • Honcho

            I didnt realise the New Zealand government funded the US government, which funds the USADA, thats crazy!!! … unless you meant you yourself pay tax to the US, good for you, I dont.

          • Mr_V4

            The point is these sports are all on the teat of a taxpayer somewhere.

            You probably missed the link about NZ govt funding to wada.

            Why is so much money wasted on this type of stuff, when the money, including funds to do all these expensive investigations should all come from within the sport. Especially when those running the sports at an international level make out like bandits. Just another form of corporate welfare, in this case dressed up in spandex.

            It is not as though NZ needs to learn any lessons though, how many stadium improvements have ratepayers forked out for …

          • Honcho

            Yes, Can not argue you with you on that, back on the same page with this point you just made.
            I did miss the WADA link.
            It is well noted the shear volume of funding agencies like the USADA receive annually, and how little accountability there is over the likes of travis tygart as to where it goes, and what it is spent on. If it isnt a rort, then it is certainly open to being rorted.
            Im not entirely sure what the situation is in NZ with high performance sport on our own national soil, it is no doubt structured quite similarly, although i suspect with a very much reduced level of funding, It my sincerest hope that the NZers who work in this area act with complete accountability and honour.
            Add to that, how many americas cup boats have we forked out for?

      • Even the “I never returned a positive test” meme is a lie. He tested positive in competition at least once, but after a hurried meeting with the UCI, it all went away. The UCI is an accessory to his prolonged cheating.

        • Honcho

          Only annocdotal evidence of that happening, one meme is from the fantastical mind of floyd landis in regards to a positive test being returned in the tour de suisse in 2002, then covered up by the UCI after it was agreed Lance make a substantial donation, but was a race which lance never raced that year.

  • surfisup

    So many were still supporting him to this very day.

    I imagine this means some jail time.

    • Travis Poulson

      Mike Hosking.

  • Patrick

    There will be no out ‘n’ out confession, Armstrong will cover his ass.
    Too much riding on this – jail, lawsuits etc.

  • Turns out that Lance Armstrong didn’t wear a yellow jersey, it was just his true colours shining through. What most sickens me about this is that it sends innocent young drug users the message that cycling is cool. I see that the “Livestrong” foundation have issued a new arm band: you wear it above the elbow and tie it off before injecting.

    Well, at least Lance Armstrong finally had the ball to come clean.