Rena vs. Concordia and why the Boy MP should STFU

Gareth Hughes, of the green taliban, burned copious quantities of fossil fuel riding in helicopters and jet planes in a bid to highly politicise the running aground of the MV Rena off the coast of Tauranga. He told us that there would be devastation, that livelihoods would be ruined and the beaches would run black with oil forever.

He was wrong. Now you can barely see what remains of the Rena, the mess has largely been cleaned up and the salvors have completed a pretty damn good effort. In fact most people have forgotten about the Rena now…so much so that couple of the top beaches in the green taliban’s own little state funded campaign this summer are in the top ten.

Meanwhile in Italy… 

The putrid stench of rotting food is a daily distraction for the 420 men and women working on the salvage operation of the Costa Concordia cruise ship that crashedoff the island of Giglio on the Tuscan coast on January 13, 2012. The ship had just embarked from Civitavecchia carrying enough fish, meat and poultry to feed 4,200 passengers and crew for ten days before it crashed. Most of the food is still in the storage lockers and freezers, protected from the fish and marine life, and now so rotten that the smell has permeated the seals and cases. Seagulls swoop over the wreckage, drawn by the odor.

The ship looks almost nothing like it did a year ago. Its bright yellow funnel is gone, and the boulder that was lodged in the hull has been removed. The wreck is rusting and dirty, and is now dwarfed by giant barges holding cranes and equipment on one side, and on the other by a massive floating dormitory where most of the 420 men and women from 19 countries who are working on the operation live. At night, the ship is lit up like a circus and a constant hum of generators and drills fills the air.

A full year on and still the vessel sits there…perhaps things might improve if Gareth Hughes went and helped.


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Do any of these Green cunts, when pressed, give a reason why they drive/take a plane etc, or is it basically “You guys are banned from doing stuff, but not us”?

    Oh right, I forgot they are psuedo commies

    • Lofty

      Nothing psuedo about them PYO, they are commies end of story, and NZ needs telling that as often and as loud as is humanly possible.
      The greens bring nothing to the political table other than defeatist and backward nonsense.
      They are bribers and liars of the highest order, and labour deserves them.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Worst job I ever had when surveying cargo was a container of tuna where the reefer plant had broken down. The smell was extraordinary as it was summer and the container was a write off.
    There qwas an article in the DTY a few weeks back. Students with Bcoms and other “business degrees’ are leaving Uni and cant get jobs so set themselves up as consultants. No experience anf all from books. Just like this one. and the rest of the many LIST MPs in Green and Liebour.

  • Lofty

    Has everyone noticed that the commies no longer comment on the blogs to try and defend their lies and nonsense?
    The Australian card carrying commie and the Silly party co leader have put the muzzles on.