Responsible Cat Owners?

Some people seem to be taking Gareth Morgan’s cat-pocalypse to heart. This photo was sent in via the tipline:


Just had breakfast with a friend at Cafe @ Vicky One – top of Victoria Ave. A couple arrived with 2 doll’s prams with a Burman cat in each – netting over the prams so that they couldn’t escape. The owners said that they can’t let them out of their apartment  (although they have them on Waiheke quite a lot) so bought these doll’s prams so that the cats could get out of the apartment when they take them for a walk!!!!!!

How’s that?


Wel…where do you start…I reckon it is gay…though they would find it hard to swim with all that netting keeping them in. 


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  • sandynobb

    Hope the netting is electrified.

  • Hazards001