Ricky Gervais 1 – Catholic Church 0

Like him or loath him, he’s made a success of his brand of humour.

Here he is on Twitter


Bonus video:



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  • Phar Lap

    Just waiting to hear the comments on UKs Jimmy Savill ,who has been protected by all lot of organisations.Of course i have completely forgotten ,Savill was not a priest.Seems the headline should read Jimmy Saville , FIFTY YEARS a protected Paedophile with 450 VICTIMS.He beat the system,while living.who would have believed it.

  • JC

    The Catholic Church has never officially rejected the theory of evolution. In fact, the Church stands behind the the “Big Bang” theory of the formation of the Universe and our world. The Big Bang theory was first espoused by Georges Lemaitre and is well accepted to this day.. Georges was a serving Catholic priest at the time of his discovery.

    FWIW the Church has long held that (Catholic) faith must always accord with science and reason.. albeit it puts its own spin on scientific fact; so whilst it accepts man as an animal which has evolved it says that God put in the soul that makes it human.


    So Gervais has taken aim at the wrong target.