Rod Oram is no fan of Dotcom, hands out harsh medicine to the fat man

Rod Oram takes time out from lecturing at the Young Labour Summer School and gets right up Kim Dotcom and his fanciful claims in the Sunday Star Times, expect David Fisher to start running a twitter attack against him in short  order….or at the very least to spout forth arguments ion Kim’s behalf.

Dangerously for us, however, Kim Dotcom has plunged into this gap. The man and his business models are the absolute antithesis of what the internet and this country need.

He dangles a glittering prospect others have offered before: he says we could generate jobs, wealth and taxes if we turned ourselves into one of the world’s great data storage sites. After all, we have abundant, cheap and renewable electricity to power the servers. All we’d need is bigger cables to connect us with the world and a change of laws to make us the Switzerland of data secrecy.

He claims his new services, if they were based here, would within three years generate more traffic than the rest of NZ online activity combined. But everything is wrong about this proposition, from the economics to the practicality and morality.

So far Oram is the only media person to get up Kim Dotcom and called him on his bullshit, he goes further. 

A week ago he launched his first service, Mega, for storing and sharing files. It looks and works very similarly to his Megaupload site, which the US government closed down a year ago. The US is seeking Dotcom’s extradition to face charges that Megaupload was a tool for the theft of US$500 million of pirated films and music, which generated US$175m of criminal proceeds.

Mega has one main difference: all data on it will be encrypted automatically as users load their files. Mega’s owner and staff, not to mention governments and copyright holders, won’t be able to check what might be pirated.

Dotcom believes this will keep law enforcers off his back and his service running. After all, he insists, many technologies have dual purposes – they can be used for legal and illegal purposes. He makes scant effort, though, to support the good and stamp out the bad. He is escalating, not winning, his fight with copyright holders.

He is also causing trouble for himself by getting offside with some in the international tech community. Within days of Mega’s launch, encryption experts exposed numerous weaknesses in its systems. Dotcom has pledged to fix them. But given his history he will find it very difficult to make his service credible to legitimate users and acceptable to copyright holders.

Mega will be nothing but a safe haven for pedos and child porn merchants. I wonder what the FBI will think of his encryption, or the NSA which surely much be even now peering down the pipes into Mega. Certainly with the promise of tight encryption, the sickos who peddle child porn will be getting wood.

In coming months he will launch his next service, Megabox, for music. Users will either pay for downloads or agree to download Mega software. This will displace ads on other websites with ads on which Mega will collect revenues. Either way, Dotcom says, artists will get money for their music. Google will certainly test the practicality and ethicality of this, since Dotcom is targeting 10 per cent of its ad revenues. He will find it, and other ad services, formidable enemies.

Yeah good luck trying to take $3.7 billion of Google’s shareholders. Dotcon’s rationale is that it is ok, he will only be stealing off the big guys. Stealing is stealing nonetheless…try stealing off the mafia and running a defence that you are only stealing off of criminals…and see what that get’s you…I’d bet you’d get a nice place of concrete flippers.

People are starting to wake up to the bullshit and bravado from the Jolly Japing German.


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  • blazer

    try stealing off the american people like Wall St did and no one goes to jail…talking trillions here.When are they ‘going after’ them?What happened to our ex Wall St PM.’s ‘vision’ to turn NZ into the finance ctr/Switzerland of the Sth Pacific.?Btw why is it alright for Google/You tube and no one else?Did I see Oram use the word ‘morality’…business has no time for morality…if its immoral or unethical…change the law!

    • Mr_V4

      One such example Jon Corzine, CEO of a primary dealer MF Global. Companies inhouse positions (bad bets) went wrong, misused $1.6b of clients money to cover his companies losing positions. Do you think hes gone to jail. Hell no.

  • I hardly ever agree with anything that Oram says. But it is reassuring to know that not all of NZ’s left-leaning media has been seduced by the LGG (Large German Gentleman). As for calling Dotcom and his ilk “comic fantasists”; absolutely spot on!

  • Azeraph

    Government has no place online and we’re not American, If this little Kaiser can bring more business to these two islands at the bottom of the world faster than the current system then let him. It doesn’t affect us, it’s online, it won’t touch our environmental issues or impact our dairy industry or upset any physical trade system in the real physical world. If JK had not given in to the SOPA freaks and squashed it then no one would have given a hoot about this guy. In fact knowing kiwi’s we would be mildy be giving him media exposure. Like Blazer i’m for business.

    • You didn’t read Rod Oram’s article did you? He calls out Kim Dotcon for spurious business reasoning

      • Mr_V4

        Because Rod fucking Oram has run how many successful businesses?

      • Interesting

        Interesting! Mt Um er um Oram of the business talk circuit has opinions to generate further invitations to talk to the brain dead. What spurious business reasons ???? Have read the Oram opinion piece again. All i see is cherry picked comments and some emotive statements about the gummint.
        An Internet guru he is not. Had to smile where he eulogises one internet data thief while rubbishing Dotcom. Interesting – no I am not a Dotcom fan, just amused as to how polarised people have become.

      • Azeraph

        Is he breaking the law? Has he broken any of our laws? I think it was this site that put up the article on “Who people think are guilty” based on their fatness and most people chose fat people as guilty over skinny. What are the points that most kiwi’s don’t like about this guy upon first viewing and hearing his voice? We are very easy to work out as we are inherently irrational when it comes to our everyday base beliefs. I don’t give a crap about this guy but what i do give a crap about is our government embarrassing us on the world stage over one person and getting caught out. We legalized prostitution didn’t we? We’re going to pass the Gay marriage law, What’s the difference with this? How many Africans are going to starve from this business venture. It doesn’t even have a physical presence in goods exchanged in the real universe.

  • LesleyNZ

    I wonder – from the way David Fisher is behaving it makes you wonder if he is getting some freebies from Dotcon.

  • P1LL

    FFS Cameron , has KDC outing John Banks as either a dementia sufferer
    or a straight out lair caused this hatred ? john Banks used to be a
    breath of fresh air but now he seems like he has lost his marbles.

    Why did the NZ police conduct the raid on his home like it was scripted from a bad 90s movie with the FBI on-board ?

    This guy was set up by the FBI / Hollywood movie makers and the record companies to be the fall guy.

    As soon as he announced he was going to start a new medium for artists to
    release music that bypassed the big label music middle men he was taken

    I thought that you were a man who critiqued things &
    thought out of the box , but this KDC hatred thing you have makes me
    think that your past affiliations with JB has clouded your judgment .

    • Kdc has a track record of scms and sucking in gullible people, he also has developed a habit of not paying for things….I’m happy with my critical position…pity some others in the media don’t take the blinkers off and realize the man is full of shit

  • parorchestia

    Dot (Mr Blobby) com destroys business. He could single handed destroy the film industry by stealing the money that is due to them from their creative efforts. But this time he has made some powerful enemies. Evidently he plans to nick the advertising revenue of competitor sites like Google. Let’s see what happens after he throws sand in the big boys’ faces. He may be bankrupt in a year if the big boys use his trick against him. Listen to the piggy squeals if that happens.