Rod Vaughan Hand In Your Mancard

Rod Vaughan has written a book. ?Who?

Apparently Vaughan is legendary in news and current affairs but instead of writing a real man’s book about drinking, smoking, hunting, eating and shagging, he is caught documenting whinging like a little bitch about his treatment at TVNZ from Bill Ralston. ?It is a nasty, catty excerpt written like a man who has ticked the days off a calendar to dish it. ?I mean every second person in town has been sacked by TVNZ, you are not special. ?Ralston didn’t bother with a departure lounge he allegedly would announce impending doom as exclusives to a mate who paid the bill to booze!

Most of us learnt of our fate from the ramblings of Ralston in the Herald or the Listener or whichever publication was taking him out to lunch. It was hurtful and sometimes humiliating but that hardly seemed to concern him as he made clear in a Herald interview:

?You can?t keep calling meetings of 300 people every day to hear the thoughts of Chairman Bill. It?s not going to work. So if you can send a signal by whatever media that happen to be around, why wouldn?t you??

Which is how I got to learn that I was in his sights. This, from him in the Listener: ?There are people who have been here an awfully long time. Today is the 35th anniversary of Rod Vaughan entering television!?

And this which has milk all over four paws

But we soon discovered that what the mercurial and erratic Ralston said and?what he did were very often two completely different things. This, after all, was the person who spent years bagging TVNZ, describing it as inept, boring and byzantine and then going all out to grab one of the top jobs there.

The self-described ?smartarse at the back of the class? was a classic case of poacher turned gamekeeper and his arrival at the state broadcaster left some wondering how the lunatic had managed to take over the asylum.

The defining moment in the man’s career and only reason I remember otherwise Vanilla Vaughan is he broke the rules of carrying a man card and interrupted another man deep in the craft?art?sport of fishing.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.35.57 PM

Jones ran at him and smacked him in the face. ?He looks pretty bloodied and beaten in this clip. ?And sooking like a girl.

Imagine an entire career where you’ve slogged every day for forty years and you are remembered by a younger generation simply for being the guy who Bob Jones smashed in the face?

The Judge fined Jones $1,000. ?Jones offered to pay $2,000 if he could hit Vaughan again.

Now THAT is legendary.