Second Catholic Priest Charged in Australia…for concealing child sex crimes

Another Catholic priest has been charged in Australia, this time with concealing a child sex crime:

A retired Hunter priest has become the second Catholic priest in Australia to be charged with concealing a child sex crime.

The retired priest, 81, was charged at Charlestown police station this morning with misprision of a felony ? failing to disclose a serious crime ? relating to child sex offences committed by another man in the Hunter in the mid 1980s.

Strike Force Georgiana Detective Sergeant Kristi Faber also charged the retired priest with one count of accessory before the fact relating to the offences.

He became only the second Catholic priest in Australia to be charged with concealing child sex crimes after Detective Faber charged former Toronto priest Tom Brennan in August last year with concealing the child sex crimes of another Hunter priest in the late 1970s.Father Brennan died of cancer in October before the matter went to trial.

He denied the charges.

The charging of Father Brennan made international news and was described as a ??milestone in Australia?? by Dr Bernard Barrett of the victims? advocate group Broken Rites.

The priest charged this morning worked in Maitland-Newcastle diocese parishes in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

The strange thing for us to contemplate is this…why no charges for any priests in New Zealand so far?

Scout leaders, teachers, but not priests have all been charged…is it that the Catholic Church is better at hiding their pedos or the church still has a policy of protecting them whereas organisations like the Scout Association has a policy of actively dobbing the bastards in.

It seems strange that the Catholic Church seems immune to these sorts of crimes when the church is embroiled on pedo scandals worldwide.