Second Catholic Priest Charged in Australia…for concealing child sex crimes

Another Catholic priest has been charged in Australia, this time with concealing a child sex crime:

A retired Hunter priest has become the second Catholic priest in Australia to be charged with concealing a child sex crime.

The retired priest, 81, was charged at Charlestown police station this morning with misprision of a felony – failing to disclose a serious crime – relating to child sex offences committed by another man in the Hunter in the mid 1980s.

Strike Force Georgiana Detective Sergeant Kristi Faber also charged the retired priest with one count of accessory before the fact relating to the offences.

He became only the second Catholic priest in Australia to be charged with concealing child sex crimes after Detective Faber charged former Toronto priest Tom Brennan in August last year with concealing the child sex crimes of another Hunter priest in the late 1970s.Father Brennan died of cancer in October before the matter went to trial.

He denied the charges.

The charging of Father Brennan made international news and was described as a ‘‘milestone in Australia’’ by Dr Bernard Barrett of the victims’ advocate group Broken Rites.

The priest charged this morning worked in Maitland-Newcastle diocese parishes in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

The strange thing for us to contemplate is this…why no charges for any priests in New Zealand so far?

Scout leaders, teachers, but not priests have all been charged…is it that the Catholic Church is better at hiding their pedos or the church still has a policy of protecting them whereas organisations like the Scout Association has a policy of actively dobbing the bastards in.

It seems strange that the Catholic Church seems immune to these sorts of crimes when the church is embroiled on pedo scandals worldwide.


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  • Big Bruv

    “The strange thing for us to contemplate is this…why no charges for any priests in New Zealand so far?”

    The evil Catholic Church has people in places of power Whale. Like the Masons they will do what is needed to keep their Pedo Priests safe.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Also , as previously noted , they were often rooting their housekeepers .

  • peterwn

    AFAIK misimprision is not a crime in NZ, it is not mentioned in the Crimes Act 1961 and s9 of the Crimes Act effectively says offences (apart from contempt) must be specifically legislated for.

  • Alex

    Ok everyone, hold your hats: the horde of Catholic Church apologists will descend on this blog after 9am Mass! It’s them evil gay priests’ fault after all; true Catholics are sinless as you know. And you WO are a nasty anti Catholic for drawing attention to this constantly :o)

  • Andrei

    Shit the west becomes more like the unlamented Soviet Union every day.

    Lets see an old man is charged with a minor crime, that may not have even been commited and that isn’t even on the statute books any more and hasn’t been for over twenty years because he is a Priest.

    Seven months and god knows how many man hours have been spent gathering enough evidence to make this charge.

    If you have half a brain cell you will realize that this effort isn’t going into finding charges to file against retired school teachers and social workers and so forth

    Meanwhile in the here and now kids continue to get abused and perhaps the biggest abuse of kids is happening in their classrooms at the hands of the increasingly big brotherish state who are turning girls into trollops and boys into wimps

    • Alex

      Yes Andrei, how very totalitarian of them — prosecuting those who prevent child abusers from being apprehended. Shame on them.

    • Mitch82

      It wouldn’t be a minor crime if it were your son whose abuse this Priest was covering up.

    • Rodger T

      If you had 1/2 a brain cell you would consider the abuse of a child a crime.
      And if you had 1/2 a braincell you might just realise ,that being disgusted by this crime your ticket to heaven might not be rescinded,whatever your preachers tell you.
      If you had 1/2 a braincell you may just be able to think for yourself.

    • Big Bruv

      There you go folks, proof that Catholics see child abuse by Priests as no big deal.

      • Andrei

        Big Bruv

        (a) I am not a Catholic – I do however have a functioning brain

        (b) Abuse by priests is a very big deal

        This story is not about abuse of a child by a priest, it is about the abuse of a child, indecent assault committed over thirty years ago by someone not a priest and allegedly the priest concerned knew about it at the time and did not go to the authorities.

        But the whole purpose of this exercise is to throw red meat at small minded bigots and the reason why the Church is a target in this degenerate age is because it stands publically against those who are intent on dragging our culture into the sewer.

        • Alex

          So tell us just how the fact that the abuse was committed by a layperson and concealed by a priest differs from abuse committed by a priest and concealed by a priest?
          What’s the magical distinction?
          There is none. This news story is yet a continuing narrative of a Church that contains people who think abuse shouldn’t be reported to the Police.
          Why you et al attempt to defend the indefensible defies belief; as does the amount of energy you spend denouncing WO and others for drawing attention to this, rather than devoting that energy to reforming the church organisations that have let this horrendous state of affairs exist for so long.
          God may or may not have founded the Church; but one thing’s for sure God does not condone child abuse.

          • So tell us just how the fact that the abuse was committed by a layperson and concealed by a priest differs from abuse committed by a priest and concealed by a priest?

            It doesn’t differ, what differs is that there is anti-Catholic hysteria going on in Australia right now whereby only priests are being targeted for supposed crimes decades ago, ignoring the many thousands of other individuals that could be charged with the same thing. Down to police officers who have refused to do anything when parents come to them alleging abuse of their children, which the previous lurid stories of the infamous Fr. F. showed.

          • Alex

            Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

            So let me see if I understand: your complaint is that others should be charged as well? Or that the priest should get off unless those others are charged?
            I would have thought the point is that if the priest has broken the law, then he should be charged. It matters not whether others who also broke the law aren’t charged.
            Has the priest done anything wrong in your books LM? Should he have told the authorities or not?
            The proper approach is to charge others, not to let the priest off.
            I’m sorry but try as I may, I find this continued “pity us, we’re the real victims” routine engaged in by Catholic Church apologists over this child abuse issue to be distasteful, if not offensive (to use that favourite leftist term).
            From my casual observation of Catholic Church apologists, they really need to get their heads around the fact that “Satan and the degenerates” are not out to “get the Church”. The Church is getting punished for it’s own “sins”. People are pissed off by the criminal offending that has been committed in that organisation.

            Another question for you LM: to what extent are you putting any energy into advocating reform of the Catholic Church? Or do you think that everything is fine and dandy?
            I still understand why Catholic laity let their Church remain unchanged after all this, given that they wouldn’t accept this sort of behaviour from any government organisation.

          • Ronnie Chow

            Lucia , can a convicted pedophile become a Catholic Priest ?

        • Kimbo

          “I am not a Catholic”.

          No, but you haven’t answered my previous question whether you are an anti-Semite, Andrei.

          Just out of interest,a nd for everyone else in the class, would you like to share with us your thoughts on “the Protocols of Zion”, and whether there is an international Jewish conspiracy to undermine western moral values for a world takeover?

          Just I’d love to know what you consider goes on in a, “functioning brain”.

    • A.random.reader

      You are disgusting Andrei.

      Here’s a hint – when you’re forced to defend your church from protecting child rapists, you are on the wrong side of history.

  • Dave

    Message to JR Murphy That’s 2 Catholic Priests charged with concealing the crime. Repeat 2 Catholic Priests. I fear it’s the tip of a huge cold catholic iceberg JR.

  • Rodger T

    I don`t mind if they abuse themselves and other consenting adults ,but leave the children alone.

    Must be quite stressful maintaining that moral superiority .

    The diocese has been tight-lipped about the matter


    • Alex

      Hilarious! Reminds me of the good old days of John Major’s Tory government with all its “family values and bondage” moments.
      But seriously: I’ve no sympathy for the Catholics. If you have such a warped dogma towards sex, sexuality and women, is it any wonder you find yourself with some maladjusted people?

  • DrCP

    “………why no charges for any priests in New Zealand so far?”

    You mean these 9 (including brothers) since 1990?

    • Ronnie Chow

      I wonder if keeping these pedophiles in the fold buys their silence ? .

      I also wonder if a convicted pedophile could become a priest ?