See if you can guess this one?

via ODT - Campers calling it quits after persistent bad weather

via ODT – Campers calling it quits after persistent bad weather

As regular readers will know, I belt out articles like a H&K MP-5, but for this one I actually sat here stunned for a while not knowing what to do.

Let me start at the end first:

This sort of thinking does my head in.

Very few, if any of us, are effectively neutral on any issue.  It’s why we have blogs that come at it from “left” or “right” or “green” angles.

But let me ask you a question:

Who would you blame for snow during the holiday period?

Who would you blame for people having to be moved from camp grounds due to swollen rivers?

Who would you blame for people not enjoying their Christmas holidays because it rained so much?

This, from the The Standard 2012 Worst Political Blog:


That’s right.  Kiwi mums, Kiwi children, Kiwi self-employed, Kiwi management, Kiwi grandparents, weren’t ripped off.  But Kiwi workers have been.

With that evil Mr Key safely in Hawaii, the rest of the downtrodden and sodden workers are having to deal with being ripped off by the weather.

It is National’s fault for not moving the holidays.

No, I’m not making it up.  This is what “Skinny” proposes to take John Key and the other baby eating ministers down at the earliest opportunity:

Change the official holiday period to the 1st 2 weeks of Feb I say!

This is something the Labour/ Green parties could explore as a campaign policy. It’s seems to be a constant issue every year ‘wet weather.’ usually hot summer days arrive as the poor old worker returns to work.

Ah yes, that poor old worker.

Anyway, now you know.  The bad weather is National’s fault and National has intentionally not moved the “official holiday period” to get maximum effect from the variable weather we all experience only workers are exposed to during the Christmas and New Year break.

The victim mentality blows your mind.

Next year?  One of those poor workers – stuck inside a caravan staring at the rain – could perhaps pick up the phone and give Marjory Evans a call?





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  • In Vino Veritas

    Ba hah ha!! What a pity Skinny can’t be identified so heshe could be publicly outed as being one of NZ’s stupidist people.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Not so sure about that. Reading between the lines I see a case
      being made for giving the great unwashed benny bludgers, a free, tax payer
      funded, overseas holiday. After all they deserve it for being stuck at home all

  • Ronnie Chow

    I think we can blame both farmers and God in equal measure , as they had prayed for rain . It was a tough choice for God , though , but not enough prayed for fine weather , merely hoping for it .

  • redeye

    Perhaps he got the Gangnam wrong and it was wrongly interpreted as a holistic rain dance?

  • Pete George

    The workers want Ken Ring to predict the best time for them to have decent holidays? Or do they want to be able to decide on a sunny day by sunny day basis I wonder.

    But wait, there’s more. A whole thread was dedicated to how ripped off everyone is by having to celebrate New Year at the start of the year. Bill wants us to have a New year in the middle of the year:

    It’s nothing but ardent colonial nonsense to be celebrating a
    seasonally determined cultural event in the wrong season and about six
    months off the mark. Every culture that marks new year celebrates around
    the time of, well…new year. And every culture that marks New Year
    locates it somewhere in the winter; notionally around the time that the
    days begin to lengthen after the cyclical nadir of the sun.

    …generating an expectation to celebrate or acknowledge something
    that is really nothing more than an expression of historical arrogance
    irks me. Meanwhile, it’s particularly stupid that Matariki, a perfectly
    sensible cultural marker for New Year celebrations, continues to be
    marginalised – or at best offered politically correct lip service –
    thanks to the hangover of that colonial mindset.

    If for no other reason than that the middle of winter is a really
    good time to find an excuse to step away from the ‘day to day’ and ‘let
    loose’, why not give ourselves proper New Year celebrations and dump
    this wholly inappropriate non-new year imposition from our summertime?

    Henceforth there will be no pissing up large a week after Christmas. All New Zealand calendars will be Matariki calendars. Not only will we be twelve hours ahead of those damned colonialists, we can be six months ahead as well.

    And, ah, that blog post was

  • Pete George

    There was something worse though – the snow was over a week too late for Christmas down here, and too far inland, and too far up the bloody hills.

  • GregM

    Hahahaha! How can anybody be that ideologically blinkered is beyond me.
    What a pack of retards.

  • Honcho

    Couldnt ‘real workers’ (hard for standard contributers to fatham who those people are, probably national voters) just get it written into their individual agreements to work the new years period and be guaranteed holiday time in febuary?? Got a mate who had it written into his contract that he got the friday of the former big day out off each year.

    • Pete George

      Too sensible.

      Actually many people take their holidays in February due to generally more reliable weather and it’s much quieter with the school holidays over.

      And a lot of people take holidays during the winter and head to Queensland or the Pacific somewhere.

      I’ve arranged to take holidays in May this year (I must have one of the few bosses in NZ who isn’t an inflexible bastard) because it suits me – a better time of year to visit Queensland and I got cheap airfares then.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Pete , don’t put up when you are away on the web , mate.

  • Dave

    Ah, Kiwi workers were not ripped off, its up to them to ask for their holidays when they wan them, most employers (except those that shut down) are keen to have a few staff that want to work through, and take holidays later in the year. PErhaps they should have asked for holidays in Feb instead.

    • Bunswalla

      Sorry Dave, that idea is too simple and makes way too much sense.

  • cows4me

    God where do you start.The bloody weather has been great, good cover at the moment and the cows are pumping it out. Does this brainless idiot even consider the many thousands that have to work whether it be sunny or rainy?. I doubt it. Skinny is a socialist tosser and like all socialists expects the world to revolve around them. Yes poor Skinny has been ripped off, it’s just unfortunate he was ripped off between the ears.

  • steve and monique

    And we want dumb fuckers like this voting for who runs the country.Hope he/she is a one off,or we are all fucked

    • Rodger T

      Looks like we are all fucked.

  • Pissedoffyouth