See what happens when you have cabinet ministers with gay utes

People are soft these days, but to be expected when you have cabinet ministers who drive gay utes:


The great Kiwi camping holiday seems to be dropping out of favour, with few people willing to rough it in the wild without some modern comforts.

Almost six out of 10 people told a Herald-DigiPoll summer survey that they wanted some comfort when camping – and nearly 15 per cent admitted they would like as many modern conveniences as possible.

Less than a quarter said they like to rough it.

The Holiday Parks Association says the changing demands of Kiwi campers are forcing many holiday parks to reduce tent sites and build more cabins and chalets with modern conveniences.

Chief executive Fergus Brown said it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as it meant camping was appealing to a wider group of Kiwis.

“A lot of them are looking for what’s termed as ‘glamping’, or more glamorous camping if you like, and they’re arriving with two or three tents for a party of six, and have with them their iPads, microwaves, fridge … everything including the kitchen sink.”

Mr Brown said most holiday parks still offered a choice of luxury camping or more basic tent camping, but there was increasing demand for modern facilities.

Glampers!…poofs more like…seriously they need to HTFU.

Chopper would be having kittens:


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  • KiaOra

    Been camping lately Cam?

    • Not recently, I’ve been too busy..but I prefer remote locations, like the Kaimanawas…and away from people and any sort of comfort…usually a fly camp by a river if you must know

      • Callum

        Glamping is a good thing for you then, it keeps the wannabees closer to civilisation. Personally I stick to motels/hotels, much easier to sort out a decent beer fridge and get decent meals.

      • We are tough in our pod. The highlight of our last camping trip in the Kaimanawas was the entire family skinny dipping in broad daylight in a beautiful but bloody freezing waterhole with a waterfall. Our son surprised us all by lasting the longest in the freezing cold water. The loo was a long drop that you had to walk 60 metres or so to.

  • Michael

    only thing I want when camping is a decent loo.

    • starboard

      Same. A clean shit house and an awesome view beside the ocean in the Marlborough Sounds ..not much to ask.

  • cows4me

    We got great spot at back of the farm, river, trees. No real luxuries, tents, swags, hammocks, chilly bins and plenty of cold ales.

    • Hazards001

      Send me your address..I’ll supply the tent a shovel (toilet), chilly bin and the ales…I’ll even chill them in the river the night before! :)