Serial Conman sent to jail, deserves a bloody good hiding

A serial conman who ripped off little old ladies has been sent to jail. The wonder is he is actually going to jail, normally the liberal panty-waist judges give them home detention and a cuddle:

One victim of a serial con artist who ripped off more than 60 big-hearted Cantabrians walked two hours to court today just to watch “the bloody crook” go to jail.

Kim Barwell, 47, used a well-rehearsed petrol scam where he would pose as a farmer who had run out of petrol.

The caregiver would ask them for petrol money so he could get home, promising to pay them back straight away, and even offering them free meat from his non-existent Canterbury farm.

He targeted dozens of people, often elderly shoppers, in his scam which pocketed him more than $5000. 

But today at Christchurch District Court he was sent to prison for 16 months on 65 charges of causing people a loss by deception and for three theft charges, including when he stole a Salvation Army donation money box.

“I’m happy he’s gone to jail,” said Alan Strez, a 70-year old pensioner, conned out of $140 by Barwell at Barrington Mall last year.

What a scum bag. He better hope one of those old people doesn’t have a relative in prison…he better not drop the soap:


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  • cows4me

    Why can’t assets of this deadbeat be flogged off and the proceeds used to pay off the victims. Yeah I know this useless shit probably has less then two cents to rub together but I’m sure he sucks off the taxpayer, cut his fucken dole forth with and use the money to recompense the victims. These scum have life to fucking easy, why do we continue to support the losers who constantly tell society to go and fuck themselves.

    • maninblack

      I totally agree, but if we cut his dole, he will just go and do more crime. He wont get a job like you think. I say shoot the prick.
      But now we are paying massively to have him locked up. FFS.

      • NZatlarge

        agreed. waste of good oxygen

  • peterwn

    They do just that to people like that in Malaysia.