Should have used the Glock from the get go

This is why Police need to use the Glock in the first instance. It is a terrible case where the sole officer’s nearest police suport was 70km away. By the time those reinforcements had arrived this police officer could well be dead.

Fortunately some members of the public and Fire Service intervened. They are heros.

Tactically, in an agressive situation it may well have been better fi the officer had drawn his Glock in the first instance.

Firefighters and Kawhia locals came to the rescue of a rural Waikato policeman last night when he was knocked to the ground and attacked by at least five offenders, police say.

The policeman had been set upon by at least five people, who were kicking him as he coiled up in pain on the Kawhia wharf, as about 80 members of the public watched on, inspector Rob Lindsay said.

The group took his taser, his radio and his pistol and were only stopped when local firefighters and the public stepped in to intervene. If they hadn’t, the outcome could have been much worse, Lindsay said.

Although the officer had called for back-up, his closest colleagues were 70km away in Ngahinapouri and couldn’t make it to the scene in time to put a quick stop to the attack, which left him with serious bruising and grazing to his face, arms and body.

No one could have faulted the police officer had he drawn and shot these offenders.?

The policeman had located a 19-year-old man, known to be violent towards police and facing outstanding arrest warrants, shortly before 6pm last night.?A stand-off between the two men ensued and a relative of the 19-year-old was subsequently called to help de-escalate the situation, but he ended up setting on the policeman instead.

The policeman used pepper spray on the offenders, which had little affect, and then presented his taser, which was grabbed by one of them.

The officer was able to break free and deploy his taser on the main offender, who had rushed at him, police said. He was handcuffing the man when he was struck from behind and knocked to the ground.

“From there the officer has been kicked on the ground by a group of what we estimate to be five people and he has crawled into a ball and activated his Officer Safety Alarm,” inspector Rob Lindsay said.

“Cambridge staff at that time were at Ngahinapouri and were dispatched to go to the officer’s assistance, unfortunately even with the best driver’s skills it is still some distance to travel.”

Aware of the situation and the policeman’s isolation, his colleagues called the local fire brigade, who arrived at the wharf to find the officer on the ground being attacked.

The policeman’s taser, pistol and radio were all taken from him.

“Fortunately for all concerned a member of the public recovered the officer’s pistol and took it to the firefighters who secured the weapon,” Lindsay said.

“A short time later police reinforcements arrived from across the district and the 19-year-old man, his 49-year-old father and a 21-year-old male associate were arrested without further incident.”

We need to be tougher on feral scum who think it is OK to attack police officers. One day, one of these scum is going to get on the wrong of a scared cop with a Glock and then all the liberal panty-waists will be calling for head of the police officer. The police do a difficult job, made worse by some in society who think it is their right and privilege to intimidate and predate on society.