Show me the money strikes again

2013 has kicked off the same way 2012 finished, with the Labour Party’s promising to borrow and spend more and more taxpayer cash.

Yesterday Labour’s Police spokesman Kris Faafoi faced his very own ‘show me the money’ moment, when he was asked on Newstalk ZB where the cash for his latest set of promises was coming from.

Yet again Labour is promising to re-spend the money from the upgrade of State Highway One. Of course that money has been pre-spent by Labour many times over, substantially on Len’s Loopy Rail Loop.

It’s about time Labour actually came up with a list of these supposed savings, given they’ve been criticising every single effort to save money.


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  • Phar Lap

    Yes heard the pest,he almost sounded just like an ex TVNZ reporter who was parachuted into a safe electoral seat Mana,or the real name Porirua.Was just thinking,the only job in NZ a person can get without qualifications,or scrutiny, is believe it or not,is a Politician.There lies the problem for the good ship NZ.

  • CJA

    Just getting sick of this. Let’s just spend the money and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Oh hang on let’s put a CGT in or some more tax on the already overtaxed middle class without doing the sums and actually figuring out what it will cost or where the money comes from. If these guys get in at the next election NZ will look like Greece a few years later.

  • rouppe

    Sounds like Kris has taken speech lessons from Shearer

  • AnonWgtn

    A capital gains tax will cost more to implement than the ability to receive – but many more public servants.
    But will take at least 15 years to show anything whatever, and it will be rooted in so many easy ways.

    • CJA

      Exactly my point. “So how do we pay for these new police men and women?” “Oh we’ll introduce a CGT.” Some of the public who are more naive than others will believe that a CGT will “magically” pay for these new costs and therefore vote for them on that basis. It’s just a bit scary.

  • Allyson

    Another sniveller,

  • Mr_V4

    You are all being too harsh on the ex-political editor Faafoi. It’s clear to me he will take the Delorean back to the 80’s and purchase some shares in McDonalds, returning to the future to sell them off. Money for jam.