Sick Bastard, who’d want two mothers-in-law?

What a sick bastard…who’d want two mothers-in-law…

Stil if you believe Colin Craig, Bob McCoskrie and others this is where we are heading as we slide down the slippery slope to moral decay…oh and don;t forget crime will rise too.


Darren Ramsey is a consultant, life coach and relationship coach whose methods include talk therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. He also occasionally does therapeutic hypnotism, or “installing learnings into the mind”, as he characterises it, speaking in his upbeat, can-do style. His tiled, Italianate home in Devon Park, in Adelaide’s inner north, has a well-kept garden (it’s that kind of suburb), a concrete driveway and a couple of dogs out the back. Inside, the walls are decorated with inspirational sayings like, “Do ALL you can/With WHAT you’ve got/From WHERE you can.”

This epigram, and its implication of abundance, sums him up well. Because Ramsey, a 50-year-old divorced father of two whose interests include scuba diving and wine appreciation, is a polyamorist. Which means he has multiple concurrent relationships with different partners, who all know about each other, and some of whom may be involved with each other, too. 

Ramsey is part of what’s known, in the “poly” world, as a triad. He has two female partners, 28-year-old Jennifer Lee and 35-year-old Melissa “Melly” Coller, who are also lovers. They sometimes have sex as a threesome. “There are three separate connections, so each has its own dynamic and own little cocoon,” Ramsey explains. “It’s just that it’s more open when we’re interrelating.”

I reckon though if someone wants two or more mothers-in-law then they are welcome to it…we should allow it, it will save some other poor bastard from ever having to have a mother in law.

Here is a 2007 documentary on polyamory:


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  • Rodger T

    What more can you say…………….

  • stinkeye3

    Imagine having two wives – double the nagging…

    • spollyike

      better than a male wife though!

    • unsol

      Better than having two husbands…double the stupidity. I know this sounds anti male, but any women out there will know what I mean…..I have yet to meet a man yet who does not succumb frequently to the condition we women call ‘brain fade’. I dont know what it is about you boys, but when it comes to common sense, erring on the side of caution and thinking ahead (or foresight as we women folk call it) your brains seem to be painted on. Weird as at work you are often brilliant but at home it’s like you do an ‘Al Bundy’ where you (metaphorically speaking) get home, sit down, grunt, put your hands down your pants & let your brain deflate like a blow up doll.

      As for the whole poly thing – if it works for them so what. It is perfectly acceptable as they are causing no harm, are not related, no one is a minor, are all consenting adult humans & it is a far better alternative than the secrecy and lies that comes with cheating (which includes regular porn – especially addiction – in my view).

      What I love about the Colin Craig’s & Bob McCroskies of this world is how they scream to high heaven over this, think gay marriage is a slippery slope to moral decline yet 70% of men in marriages admit to cheating….where is the outrage over that? Over the emotional abuse of women, the heartbreak caused to them & their children?

      Not to mention the recent survey that suggests 81% of adults admit to cheating & lie over general life stuff.

      • Rodger T

        C`mon unsol, you know all women need to to do to keep a bloke happy is to keep his tummy full and his testicles empty.

        • unsol

          Hubby very happy with me :P Just saying I get a tad unhappy with his allocation of retard quota per day! :p

      • stinkeye3

        Its funny having a smart wife, when she gets into arguments her woman logic kicks in but her thought process also kicks in, its funny to watch the confusion sometimes

        • unsol

          When you have a smart wife you will find that female logic and rational thought processes are in fact synonymous….confusion is something that doesn’t even come near the process.

          A smart women and the average male is like trying to pair up an iMac with a Commodore 64. :)

          • Hazards001

            What a crock of shit. My ex wife was and is a complete halfwit. The happiest I’ve ever been was when I thought I was free from her stupidity, only to realise that I was going to have to spent the rest of my life protecting my kids from it as well. The arrogance of some women knows no bounds!
            And in case you’re wondering my ex wife has a Uni degree and I do not. I have a very good job and she is a part time admin as thats all she can get.
            She thought she was smart too.

          • unsol

            Are you male? Serious question as in other posts you implied you were female and could happily take a beating at protests (which I found incredibly sad btw).

            But to respond to your comment. I don’t think having a degree equates to intelligence – as your experience seems to indicate – plenty of women are too silly to see the forest for the trees or they are so busy keeping the white picket fence sparkling that they dont see what’s right under their nose (unhappy relationship etc). So real life intelligence is for me more about common sense & being self-aware/open to change rather than education. Basically things that the classroom cant teach.

            I’m educated & my husband isnt, but that is irrelevant. We are both smart & moronic in different ways. Re above the difference for us is the boy vs girl stuff in terms of planning ahead….& remembering! Minor stuff though so my comment was more tongue in cheek in response to the nagging comment (which is often very true…women are great at being little woodpeckers trying to wear you down).

          • Hazards001

            Of course I’m male. The times I referred to personal violence was once in relation to my work, which is mining and construction.
            I’ve worked in a few interesting places and in some of those places being white makes you a target for violence to say nothing of the types of work mate you often see in these industries. Then recently where I mentioned voting against a Union as a teenager and getting the paste kicked out of me a few weeks later by the union.

            I’ve never once mentioned protesting anything or being injured doing so as I’m hardly the Sue Bradford of the mining industry. LMBO
            I’ve been injured in the course of my work many times but never deliberately.

            I fail to see how anything I’ve said infers I’m female. Which of course is now making me wonder about your self proclaimed high intellect and self awareness.

            Of course if you only read the blogs that are on topics of interest to yourself then you may have missed my posts I suppose.

            I have a friend whose wife wants me to go on a date with her mate tonight. You’ve convinced me to call him to say I’m busy.


          • Random66

            You should go on that date tonight Hazard :) Don’t assume all us females are the same – we’re not.

          • unsol

            Nice one….S U N D A Y christian…I would have thought that God frowned on people, including women, making bitchy comments.

          • Random66

            The only bitch around here is you. If your mannerism is such that it makes a grown man think twice about going on a date because of the way YOU behave, then perhaps it is your character that should be questioned not mine. I spoke fact when I stated we are not all the same – if you take that as being a negative toward yourself, feel free. What you call ‘ass licking’ (nice language by the way), I call encouragement for a man who may well be lonely. So while you continue to generally be rude and opinionated here, I will continue to be amused at your pathetic behaviour.

          • unsol

            Bitch? Malicious, spiteful overbearing women? That is everything that I am not as being honest & not hiding behind a white picket fence of utopia or gossiping and judging others precludes the ability to be a bitch.

            And I only said ou made a bitchy comment, I didn’t actually call you a bitch. But if the shoe fits sunshine then get another & wear them as a pair….

            And no need to be coy – you tried to make a dig so I called you on it….best thing for you to do is man up to it.

            Being rude? Depends on your definition. Seems many confuse no bullshit and honesty with being rude.

            But I find those who are use gentle words filled with venom are the ones that lack character, spine & heart.

            Opinionated – no more than you honey. At least I am consistent in what I believe – hypocrisy and I are strangers.

            “I call encouragement for a man who may well be lonely”. Bullshit.

            Attempting to now disguise a bitchy comment that was indicative of nothing more than a petty dig at me isnt going to wash.

            So I suggest it is time you got off your little pulpit of sanctimony & started walking the talk; if you really cared about Hazard you would have picked up & comment on the living hell he seems to have experienced – especially with his wife, rather than using it as an opportunity to score points with me…

          • unsol

            I found that your syntax & stylistic approach didnt come across as male within the context of previous posts you have commented on.

            Re “I’ve never once mentioned protesting anything or being injured doing so as I’m hardly the Sue Bradford of the mining industry. LMBO I’ve been injured in the course of my work many times but never deliberately.”

            Well that does seem to contradict what you have said previously on other posts:

            “I stood up to Kelvin Fisher (Labourers Union married to a Russian chick in the 80’s) in a union debacle in the late 80’s and was severely beaten up by the mongrel mob for my efforts. So I did it again. Then I was beaten up by my so called work mates. All be it not particularly badly. So I did it again, nothing happened.” In the context of your comments here I for some reason thought you were female.

            This is what I referred to above re finding it sad that someone takes pride in putting themselves in a position where they get beaten up – hence why I remember it & why I looked it up now to double check.

            Re the date comment – the insult carries no weight. After all I am the one who has been happily married for many years to a man who is intelligent, loving, assertive, confident & respectful towards women.

            So perhaps you should go on that date as with any luck the woman will turn out to be more like me than your ex or some precious judgmental Sunday Christian (re the ass licking comment below) :-)

  • Richard McGrath

    Definition of mixed emotions… watching your mother in law drive over a cliff in your Aston Martin.

  • cows4me

    My mother in law use to clean the bar fridge out, she was a good lady though.

  • dotcom

    I guess all I can say about this thread, is its heading, in relation to the popular thread yesterday.
    How can it be, logically, that this guy is a “sick bastard”, and the gays discussed yesterday are “not sick bastards”.
    How many again, wives and concubines of Solomon, Cam? And how many husbands did Solomon have?
    In fact, how many male Biblical role models (your book, Cam, not mine) had husbands, again?
    I think our (your) 2013 moral compass is a tad confused compared to many tens of thousands of years of history.

    • unsol

      Polygamy was an accepted social practice in biblical times, but apparently not specifically condoned by God. Or so some say. But I am not so sure else why would God introduced a parable about 10 virgins etc.

      But the Bible is an incredibly contradictory book & adherence to it is a matter of faith rather than rational thought per se. Intellect & faith are almost mutually exclusive as one cant possibly have complete faith if one thinks about things too much as there is so much we will never understand (the paradox of the stone, who created God, did he create life just on earth in this solar system? Is there another God doing the same in a different solar system? How come he can create so much yet we can never see him? etc etc)

      One thing that does stand for me is the 10 Commandments which, while differ if you compare the OT to the NT, do stand as being relevant yet they say nothing about gay marriage or polygamy. Instead break into two parts: love God and love your neighbour. Sadly many Christians I come across seem to live everything but these two things.

      So when it comes to gay marriage I think the law is there to implement what society as a whole deems to be acceptable & within their (our) moral code – a society that is made up of many individuals all with moral compasses that are influenced by their own beliefs, experiences & values.

      • dotcom

        Not sure why this is a reply to me, unsol. (a) I haven’t got a clue what you are saying. (b) clearly, you had no idea of what I was saying. [Oh, and looker-oners, my (a) and (b) are a euphemism for my having no wish to know what Unsol’s comment is about.]

        • unsol

          I would have thought that after your dismal efforts at keyboard whimpering yesterday that you would have had the good sense to post an intelligent comment today.

          But clearly not. Silly me for treating it as such. Go away wanna be.

          • Rodger T

            Awesome unsol,but I doubt you`ll get the last word ,LoL.

          • unsol

            Thank you & yep, unlikely but who cares, with a name like dotcom we all know he’s just a useless pile of lard full of nothing but hot air….unless he is a complete pisspsycho which is hardly ever going to be a win for him/them/it :)

          • dotcom

            Now there’s the height of intelligence. You’re king of the castle, cos your nickname is “unsol”. And I’m “just a useless pile of lard full of nothing” and “complete pisspsycho” because I’ve been using the name “dotcom” for the last 6 years. I mean, that really is the height of intelligent debate. Do they let you out to feed occasionally? Your brain seems to be lacking sugar or something.

          • unsol

            And I thought you didnt want to respond to my comments….

          • Rodger T

            : )

          • dotcom

            Now where did that Idea come from?. Now back to topic, imagine being partnered to even one of you, let alone two. Ah well, not for much longer. I know these things, and your mouthy type won’t be partnered for much longer, sweetheart. Good luck.

          • unsol

            Aah trading insults now are we…..real hetero men love the mouthy women as we call BS when we see it & are hot stuff in the sack…or so my darling husband of many years tells me :)

          • dotcom

            Ahh, so you are a comment commando. You control who gets to post here, and you only allow people to post here who say things you agree with.
            Well, unlike you, I have gleaned my intelligence by being open to all points of view. So I will not respond in kind by having the audacity to tell you, as I ought to, to disappear by way of rotating in ever decreasing circles till you eventually get swallowed up by your own bum. Oh, oops, I said I would not say this, and now I just have. Goodbye. Feel free any time you like not to spoil my comments by responding to them with such claptrap, and off-topic shit.

          • unsol

            “So I will not respond in kind by having the audacity to tell you, as I ought to, to disappear by way of rotating in ever decreasing circles till you eventually get swallowed up by your own bum”

            Love it!

          • dotcom

            Unsol, your being the least significant thing by about 300 places, in my entire life, I had long-since completely forgotten about your tiresome and pointless flamebaiting.

          • unsol

            Why keep taking the bait ya egg!