Sledge of the Day

Last night Adele White won against Michael Williams ill-conceived attack. She made an impassioned speech where she delivered the sledge of the day.

She finished up her speech with an outstanding sledge where she referred to fellow board member Shirley Warren’s previous role as Michael Williams’ play centre teacher. She said she was sorry to tell Mrs Warren that she didn’t do a good job with Mr Williams because “He doesn’t share his toys and he doesn’t play nicely.”

The crowd roared with approval. 

The total irony for Michael Williams, is that last year he posted this on this Facebook wall…how prophetic:



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  • Dave

    And here was I thinking it was about the Labour Party

  • Ineptocracy :P

    As for the sledge – now why are Party Conferences no longer this “lively”

    • Mr_Blobby

      Ineptocracy summed up the whole proceedings.

  • Mr_Blobby

    $20,000 it cost the ratepayers,people. $20,000, 3 hours latter and a resolution that we should all talk and sort out our differences. Passed unanimously after the dissenters changed there vote.

    That was pretty much it.

    What a travesty and shame on the lot of them.

    Along with fucktard bully boy williams, who at one point threatened to evict a member, when procedure and standing orders were not enough to shut down the debate. Who spent a lot of time getting advice, from some anonymous council noddy.I noted 2 fossils who should have been put out to pasture a long time ago, one of which was the deputy in waiting, 1 lady next to adele who had nothing to contribute and 1 asian guy who like wise had nothing to contribute. The last 2 probably don’t contribute at all.

    The would be usurper hung his head in shame and mumbled his support for the chairman and ran to his wife at the end.

    And indeed the best comment was on the Bully boy in the Chair. “throws his toys out of the sandbox and doesn’t play nicely with others”. Pretty much summed up what a bunch of light weights they really are.

    I very much question the value of having community boards, if that is the best we can come up with. Expensive, inefficient and a complete waste of oxygen.

    In fact do we really need them at all.

  • A_random_reader

    There is already a word for a Government that is led by the inept. It is a kakistocracy.