Sledge of the Day

Ok so non-surprise of the week was a toss up between Jodie Foster telling us all what we knew anyway…that she is gay, and Lance Armstrong telling us what we knew anyway…that he was a drug cheat.

All yawn inducing until you see the sledging.

Andrew Sullivan wasn’t that impressed with Jodie Foster. Not at all…especially her partner for the awards ceremony:

Her date last night, believe it or not, was wife-abusing, homophobic anti-Semite, Mel Gibson.

But that wasn’t the best sledge..this one was…in an email from one of his readers: 

Dear Jodie Foster:

There’s nothing wrong with not publicly acknowledging the open secret of your sexuality for decades as you so chose. There’s also nothing wrong with choosing to kinda-sorta discreetly come out by thanking your partner in a speech in 2007. Yet there is something very tragic and self-contradictory about a bitter diatribe criticizing how other people choose to come out, officially announcing your sexuality on your way out the door of the industry in a non-coming-out speech because you came out “1000 years ago” – while simultaneously defending your fierce desire for privacy – in a brazen attempt to get some of the praise and love you now see the younger gay generation getting for their fearlessness of/indifference to being out… all while being escorted by one of the most well-documented anti-Semitic, homophobic, bigoted assholes in Hollywood history, claiming he “saved” you. If that was indeed your retirement announcement, what a sad end to a stellar career of a brilliant artist. If ever there was a closet you needed to stay in forever, it would be the one marked “Mel Gibson’s friend.

Yow! Bitchy much?


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  • dotcom

    And the whole thing – WGAF?

  • Gee

    Well I still think she is a great actress, nothing like that aptly named Degeneris woman who I can’t stand.

  • Pokerface

    You mentioned Lance Armstrong…. Hosking, this morning, interviewed some American journo who thought he should be “forgiven”!! Has anyone interviewed any of the Tour de France 2nd place getters for their opinion? – or Valerie Villi, for that matter?

    • Callum

      Chances are the second place guy was doping too.