Sledge of the Day

Cactus Kate gives Jessica Mutch a good sledge in response to this tweet:

And Cactus replies: 



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  • gold

  • Macca

    Hey Jessica, how about some proper journalism ie. asking the Gweens for some detailed costings on this policy and a business plan as to how they can make it work? Where the money will come from might be somewhat pertinent too? Now that would be reporting – Mutch!
    I wonder also, is this not a right wing, capitalist policy ie. wanting to own your own home? Silly me, I forgot, we capitalists have to WORK FOR IT!!!!!!!

  • maninblack

    she should ask the greens where all the construction materials etc come for building the proposed housing. They are such a fucking pack of hypocrites those green wankers.

    • rangitoto

      Just make the houses out of straw

  • JeffDaRef

    If any one of those houses in her photo are for sale for $300k or less I’ll run naked down that street!
    In fact if any are at $400k or less, I’ll do it twice!!!!

  • boristhefrog

    if those houses are in Stonefields… closest dev to TVNZ HQ… the the prices will be circa $700k…