Sneaky Socialists undermine reforms from within

Any time any government anywhere tries public sector reform they meet a wall of resistance from the tenured bureaucracy…even when that bureaucracy is smashed and defeated they start on rear-guard actions and even guerrilla actions in order to handicap and white-ant policy.

They care little for democracy…thinking they know best. Nowhere is this more evident than in the health and education sectors.

According to the socialists, the only people qualified to comment on public policy in health and education are conveniently those who suck from the systems in need of reform, and the unions who give them sustenance.

In our politics today, hardliners who lost recent battles over social reforms designed to bring more choice and competition into schools, health and welfare services are regrouping for a new wave of local-level disruption. The casualties will be ordinary people’s aspirations.

Ideologues on the Right, who lost the argument for more zealous reforms, now only complain from largely ignored sidelines. The hard Left, however, which vehemently opposes change to how our public services operate, is shifting its attack. Its activists are mobilising to infiltrate the very public bodies being set up to deliver the reforms they oppose, aiming to undermine them from within.

Take the policy that will give NHS patients the right to choose where to be treated for nothing by any qualified health provider, including private ones. The trade unions’ recent national conferences urged activists to subvert this by penetrating the citizen panels governing NHS bodies. A new “guidebook” has appeared listing the bodies to infiltrate, saying “the involvement of local activists can help identify at the earliest stage when there are moves to bring in private providers so that this can be challenged”.

Assisting this on the ground is the Socialist Health Association, which is beginning a nationwide programme called “Defending the NHS from the Inside”, driving forward a plan to “get people elected to governing bodies”. A series of “NHS for Beginners” classes to train local people was launched for the group by an MP in Parliament just before Christmas.

And it is happening in education as well:

In schools reform, too, the argument about raising standards through teaching excellence has been won – as has the debate over new free schools to expand local choice for parents denied access to a good school. But while Michael Gove impressively chalks up the wins in Westminster debates, localised strikes and threats of walkouts by unions are being organised for as little as schools wanting more rigorous staff appraisals. These hit schools in the run-up to Christmas in areas such as Sheffield, South Shields and High Wycombe. Letters are also being distributed to local parents talking non-specifically of the “threats” and “risks” of the new academies and free schools emerging, which have “profound implications for children”. The latest propaganda tells parents, with no explanation or evidence, that free schools and academies aim “to turn state education into a free-market free-for-all and to provide opportunities for the private sector to make a profit”.

The real casualties of all this are not Government policies, but the ordinary families who strive for better chances and a better quality of life. And the politicians meant to stand up for them are blissfully unaware of it.

The question is though, how to combat this? I think that is another post.


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  • Michael

    Since when did “for profit” become a sin? I’m sure the teachers don’t turn up to work for purely benevolent reasons but for their own personal profit. Otherwise there would never be a teachers strike over pay and conditions.

  • nasska

    Just another example of how NZ educationalists lead the world. Our scum socialist teachers have been sacrificing our childrens’ learning to the greater cause of featherbedding the “profession” for years.

    • Teachersrock

      What a load of rubbish.

      • Actually it isn’t. Teachers by and large sit on their ever expanding arse moaning about ANY changes anyone wants to make to education in NZ. They oppose any meaningful move towards accountability and performance pay, when the entire rest of the country is paid in that fashion and measured accordingly.

        The unions shout down any dissenting view, only their view is allowed.

        • Teachersrock

          Telling lies again Whale. You really are quite the troll at times.

          • Ronnie Chow

            “Worked quite well with the current Minister of Education hasn’t it.”

            That would be ‘didn’t it ‘

            Now given that your grammar is poor , and given that in general your sentence structure is appalling , and also given that you have self-rated yourself in glowing terms , “If PP came in my pay would skyrocket” , would it be a fair supposition to state that the majority of teachers are even worse than you at writing the English Language ?.

            Or do you just struggle with the concepts of english writing and grammar , but make up for it by being brilliant ,( “If PP came in my pay would skyrocket”) at everything else ?

      • Pissedoffyouth

        I’m beginning to think that if performance pay came in for you TeachersCock, you would take a healthy cut or perhaps lose your job.

        That must be why you’re so scared. Hell, I would love to be paid higher then shitty colleges if I could, like most normal people would.

        • Teachersrock

          If PP came in my pay would skyrocket, but thank you for your concern.

          I actually advocate against something that would benefit me quite a bit, because it does NOTHING to lift the learning of kids. Not one thing.

          And, having said that, I already know the responses that will come from the likes of you.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Don’t be so myopic Teachers. Of course it would benefit the learning of kids. It would help weed out the dud teachers, replacing them with good teachers, thereby increasing the likelihood that kids learning would benefit.
            There is no system on earth (natural or man made) that benefits by averaging down, which is exactly what you are supporting.

          • Teachersrock

            I suggest you educate yourself.

          • In Vino Veritas

            teachers, is that it? I would respectfully suggest that I am far more educated than you.

          • Michael

            Raising teacher salaries faster than inflation doesn’t benefit kids in any way – only teachers who get a higher standard of living. So if the Government were to introduce annual salary adjustments tied to inflation then you would support that?

          • Teachersrock

            Given teachers get less than inflation increases or nothing at all I would be fine with that. Might cost the country quite a bit though, given teachers accept pay rises of smaller percentages.

            Money for teachers is not the answer though. Treating teachers with respect is. Accepting that teachers ARE the experts, that they do know what they are talking about, that nothing less than a Masters degree gets a person into a classroom, that Governments need to butt out and stop playing with silly disproved ideologically driven nonsense. That is what would work. Despite the lies and bull Whale pushes on here, kiwi education is world leading, and would improve further if teachers could just get on with the job at hand as opposed with dealing with all this nonsense.

          • Michael

            That’s just plain bullshit. Since March 2012 teacher salaries have increased on average by 60%. Inflation for the corresponding period was 40%. Or is that a request to cut teacher pay by 20%?

            I do hope you don’t teach economics. Or English. Or anything given your complete ignorance of any fact that doesn’t fit your narrow world view.

          • Teachersrock

            By 60%, goodness. no one I know has had a 60% increase since March 2012. An I know a rather large number of teachers.

          • Michael
          • Pissedoffyouth

            The likes of me?

          • Teachersrock

            Yes. The likes of you.

  • bristol

    In the early 1900’s, Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, building on the Marxist philosophy of ‘cultural hegemony’, theorized that by manipulating the culture and values of a society, the ruling class can intellectually dominate the other social classes. Gramsci’s vision to transform society would only be accomplished over time, not by civil unrest, but by a process known as the “long march through the institutions.”
    So no real surprise then, that even when the Socialists lose an election, they’re still
    teaching our kids. And that’s only one example.

  • Apolonia

    Don’t expect any changes with blue Labour in charge.

  • thor42

    This is *subversion*.

    Interestingly enough, I’m pretty sure that the Clarkbeast government abolished the crime of subversion in their last term. I wonder why……..

    • Economist

      Because ACT asked them to. Rodders was very proud of that.

      Yep, arguably the most leftwing law change in the last ten years, pushed but ACT and their mates in the Greens.

  • Teachersrock

    Nice to see, yet again, Whale advocating for those who know nothing about the area they are commenting on get control of said area.

    Worked quite well with the current Minister of Education hasn’t it.

    The know nothings can comment all they like, however they should have next to no control over anything to do with education or health.

    • Ronnie Chow

      “Whale advocating for those who know nothing about the area they are commenting on get control of said area”

      SO , so illiterate , Dear Teacher . WTF does your sentence mean ? Do you GRADE our poor students tests? They LEARN from you ? DISGRACEFUL!!!!

    • Who would you accept as a commentator on educational issues? OF course anyone from the NZEI the PPTA and the Teachers Council…but who else?

      This is the union terror tactic of silencing dissent…shout at them that they don;t know anything because they don’t work in the sector.

      It is a lame threat. Same as you comments on health…same union controlled organisations are the only ones allowed to speak on health…nurses, salried doctors and no one else.

      Well teachers and nurses know nothing about business, so how about they shut the fuck up about that….they also know nothing about governance, so they can keep their traps shut about the government as well…they can only speak on matter education…you comments above on health can be ignored unless you “wife” gets his own sign in, then he can talk about health, but you…a teacher can’t, you know nothing about the sector, you don’t work in it, so just shut up about health.

      • Teachersrock

        Actually, unless it was backed by sound research (which MOST of the time it is) I would not accept everything uttered by either the NZEI or the PTTA, or the TC.

        Education and health are not businesses. Nor should they be run as such. Only heartless money grubbing ideologically driven fools see them as such. And you know even less Whale. You are driven by your blind hate of teachers. You can never comment on education in a fair way, despite being married to a teacher. You are unable to see anything beyond your own inaccurate views.

        • Jester

          Shouldn’t you be sweating over some end of year test papers? That what you teachers do during your holidays right?

          If your answer to the above is in the affirmative, then fuck off and mark them.

          If the answer is no then just fuck off.

          • Teachersrock

            I love it when people like you tell me to fuck off.

            Lets me know that I am right.

        • Ronnie Chow

          “heartless money grubbing ideologically driven fools”

          Therein lies the hatred . Therein lies the beating heart of Teachersrock .
          He is emotion-driven rather than heartless , sees profit as a dirty word , wouldn’t dare go near any ideological method to formulate his views .(Tui)
          Let me see …. You are early 50’s , feminine of disposition , communist , and completely devoid of any ideology (other than that which you espouse) .
          You probably smoke marijuana with a bong , think tagging is street art , hate the Police , drive an old Toyota but aspire to a Prius , and in general lead an aimless atheistic life with plenty of salads , beans and farting .
          Oh , and you like being around children . No argument there .

          • Teachersrock

            It is always so amusing when know nothing fools like you spout off at the mouth.

            Please tell me more about myself, it is bloody funny the shit you are dribbling out.

          • And Teachersrock works for free? Uhmmm no…that makes him money grubbing too…how about a pay cut so you are less money grubbing?

        • Actually they are businesses…plenty of well run private schools and hospitals….dick head…I mean really what shower did you come down in…

          • Teachersrock

            No Education and Health are SERVICES. Money is required to run them, but their main goal is not to make money. They are to serve the public.

            But given how twisted and distorted your views are about teachers and education I am not surprised you have the view you do.

          • GregM

            Yes they are services, But in the history of taxpayer funded services the one common constant seems to be a complete lack of transparency and accountability.
            Better they are run as non profit businesses which always make improvements to the return on every dollar of taxpayer money spent.
            I would be interested to see the comparison between what it costs to educate a child privately, compared to the cost at state schools.
            Regarding class sizes, even Prof Hattie said class sizes make little difference to outcomes, and you yourself recommended him as an ” education expert” not too many months ago.

          • Teachersrock

            Yes he is. But even he would agree while big classes get reasonable results, smaller ones get better results.

            All school’s accounts are audited on a regular basis. Strictly audited. So lord knows where this rubbish about lack of transparency and accountability comes from.

            Better schools and hospitals are run as services to the people as opposed to places for poor ideological ideas to be played out.

          • GregM

            Para 1, agreed.
            Para2, An audit only accounts for the monies spent, it does not report on how well or poorly it is spent.
            Para 3,Tell that to the unions, who are doing exactly what you just said
            P.S. the ERO report for your school looks good, well done all of you up there, looks like a good community.

          • That is you opinion, and a wrong one at that…if you take in money and spend money and have budgets…that is all the hallmarks of requiring a good set of business principles so it is conducted in a prudent and wise manner. Training that teachers singularly lack…stick to teaching and leave the paying of the bills to the professionals…you have no business in commenting on things you know nothing about…if those rules which you keep on insisting on for education are to apply then they also have to apply to you.

            You are not remotely qualified in aspects of public finance…so kindly stfu about them…stick to your alarmingly small knowledge of educating children.

          • Teachersrock

            Ohhh the arrogance of you Whale is astounding.

            Ignoring the actual fact that health and education are services to society and never intended to make money, the all might Whale has decided otherwise.

            Well you go with that if it makes you happy Whale. But I think you should learn the difference between needing money and being expected to turn a profit.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Interestingly enough Teachers, the Minister advocated increased class sizes and was shouted down by you, your ilk and your Union and backed up with propaganda program based on deceit which was directed at parents. When in fact, the teacher and Unions great saviour, PISA, (who educationalist quote ad nauseaum with regard to NZ’s quality of education) actually agree that class sizes (within reason) make no difference to learning. And Teachers, I have read, and still have the documentation from PISA on this. Wiggle your way out of that one.

      • Teachersrock

        The truth is a little different.

        Parents drove that little adventure.

        But having taught in classes of all sizes I can tell you from front line experience, the smaller the class the better the results. Yes, you can make good progress with large classes, but kids make fantastic progress in smaller classes.

        But then, you would not know that, nor would I expect you to.

        • Economist

          Crap. The smaller the class the lazier the teacher.

          Joyce should just have the guts Parata hasn’t and cancel funding to all state schools.

          • Teachersrock

            Urgh, you are an idiot.

        • In Vino Veritas

          And therein lies the hypocrisy of your arguments teachers. On one hand you say all the research supports you, and on the other, when it doesn’t, you spout that “front line experience” tells us. What rubbish. Research disproves your “front line experience”.
          And you have no idea what I know about education. Having seen some of the stuff you have posted on this blog, my knowledge isnt that far removed from yours.