Social Media Morons of the Labour Party

Labour’s campaign strategist at the last election, when he wasn’t training for a cycle race against a fat blogger, would go to meetings and tell the party that they would win in social media. The never ending SMOGs that resulted was a sight to behold.

Now he and Clare Curran have pretty much abandoned it all. Trevor Mallard is now resorting to posting pictures of cats and inane social media memes.

I thought I would take a look through various MPs and their social media footprints…many simply aren’t trying with either wrong authorisation statements or none at all. Typical of Labour to ignore the law yet again.

Take Sue Moron-ey…she apparently is still in a Labour party lead by Phil Goff and sits on the front bench and under the misapprehension that Chris Flatt is the general secretary.




Annette King still thinks she is the Deputy Leader:

Annette King

Chris Hipkins thinks he still holds the ACC and Internal Affairs portfolio for Labour when he is actually Chief Whip and Associate Education spokesperson.



This just shows a certain kind of laziness and lack of attention to detail. It also shows complete state of disorganisation. I bet there isn’t a single mistake on any of the Green MP pages.



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  • Pete George

    Coincidentally I’ve just blogged about how David Shearer and his strategists diss what should be a Labour friendly blog (it was once), but Greens seem to be taking it over, as well as reacting to what is said there. Do Green strategists read The Standard?

  • Pete George

    Another Labour SMOG, this one by Kris Faafoi – ‘Young’ Labour summer school

    I wonder what Grey Labour looks like.

  • cows4me

    Hay you don’t need to know nothing about them bar two things, they’re fucking socialists and they always know best.