Soldiers marching with Pride

NZ Defence Force staff will march in the Auckland Gay pride parade :

Members of the Defence Force will march in uniform in the Auckland Pride Parade next month.

The Defence Force’s Overwatch group – a peer support network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members – has signed up for the parade.

Event organiser Jonathan Smith said: “I’m sure they’re going to be the crowd favourite.”

Smith said participation from the Overwatch group is a milestone for acceptance of sexual orientation. 

“I can’t say we’re the first pride parade in the world to have a defence force marching, but we’re definitely one of the very few where they’re actually permitted to march in uniform.”

It’s understood police diversity liaison officers will also take part, though not in uniform.

Smith said the February 16 parade along Ponsonby Rd will be held in the afternoon and be child-friendly.

A quick check of Youtube shows that this isn’t a first. In fact in July 2012 the Department of Defence gave permission for members to wear uniform in a Gay Pride Parade:


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  • Ronnie Chow

    A game changer . You are ahead of your time on several fronts , Cameron .

  • cows4me

    So will Lieutenant Gruber be driving his little tank?

  • Dumrse

    Never would have happened in my time.

  • Gazzaw

    Don’t panic lads the SAS won’t be there. They’ll all be sheilas.

  • Guest

    No that will have little Johny boy paraletic with rage. hahaha.
    Great spectacle of dress and fun.

    Meanwhile Johny boy will just have to stay at home with th curtains pulled. Maybe he can invite around some of his God bothering mates to consol him.


  • Gayguy

    The likes of Andrei will be spewing about this.

    I just hope that the parade is a far cry of the embarrassing display that it was in the early 90s. Those parades were just a disgrace.

    • GregM

      Yes I agree about the early parades.
      The dude on TV1 news tonight is a mate of mine, looks great in Navy number ones.
      I think it’s great news.

  • BR

    You mean like this:


    • That’s great, forgot about that…added to main body of post

    • GregM

      Absolute classic, thanks Bill.

  • Notrotsky

    As long as it’s not being funded by my rates who cares.

  • Andrei

    It’s understood police diversity liaison officers will also take part, though not in uniform.

    Police diversity liaison officers – huh? I wonder what a police diversity liaison officer does when he/she/it is not marching in Gay parades?

    • Andrei

      Through the magic of google I got the answer form the horses mouth, the police website itself

      Diversity Liaison Officers (DLOs) are police officers and police employees located throughout NZ who provide a liaison between GLBTI communities, and the New Zealand Police. DLOs contribute towards an inclusive work environment for GLBTI police employees within NZ Police and provide advice and support to colleagues on GLBTI communities, and sexual orientation and gender identity in general. The DLO Network has been running in NZ Police since 2002 and now consists of over 80 DLOs nationwide. The National Equity and Diversity Office at Police National Headquarters in Wellington oversees the DLO Network, and works at a strategic level on sexual orientation and gender identity issues for NZ Police.

      I’m sure we will all sleep more soundly in our beds tonight knowing that there are over 80 DLOs on on the job keeping us all safe from whatever it is they protect us from

      • Predatory catholic priests one would hope.

  • Zeb

    Good that the armed services don’t discriminate between gay and straight but why be an exhibitionist about it? What next? Marches for heterosexual pride?

  • williamabong

    Should be all good, just as long as there aren’t any homos there