Still taking the piss, Herald Bomb of immense proportions

The old saying about not being able to polish a turd is certainly true today with this fine effort from the Herald. It’s an article about one of the women that Antonie Ronnie Dixon attacked.

But what does the Horrid call him? Antoine Roni Dixon. It’s not just a typo – they got his first AND second name wrong several times throughout the article!

This man – infamous and notorious – was the subject of a massive media storm when he first came to prominence and you would think every journalist would know his name. Not this idiot who writes for the Horrid. Hell, she could have double checked any one of the many articles the Horrid has produced over the years.

And what of the sub-editor? Asleep?



Wikipedia has his details:

Antonie Ronnie “Tony” Dixon (1968 – 4 February 2009) was a convicted New Zealand thief and murderer. His most notorious crimes were committed in an 11-hour spree of violence in 2003 in which he completely or partially severed the hands or arms of two women with a Samurai sword, shot a man dead with a sub-machine gun and kidnapped another man. Dixon acquired over 150 convictions, mostly for theft and burglary; he was imprisoned at least 14 times. His former girlfriend Simonne Butler said he used methamphetamine from at least 2001.

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  • Mr_Blobby

    Sorry Horrid but what is news worthy about a piece of trash who was imprisoned at least 14 times. Except to ask how it was that our justice system allowed it to carry on for so long. Or for some stupid woman who was his girlfriend. He is gone and she is probably still a net economic drain on society. A complete waste of space.

  • J.M

    Very sloppy reporting indeed.
    Thankfully Mr Dixon is no longer with us BTW.

  • Patrick

    This bird was a P head, if she hadn’t been hanging around with Dixon she would not have been in the way when he was swinging his sword about. Would be interesting to see what the relationship is between the journo that wrote this piece of advertising for Butler. It is just a bleeding heart whiney pap piece that spruiks her new business, right down to including her email address.

  • Calandre

    Worse still further down in this item apparently the sword-wielding nut job becomes an contortionist as he’s quoted as “balling his eyes out” when he apologised to this woman from his prison cell.

  • disqus_EpJq9Rp1M0

    I queried this with Kathryn Powley and she replied:-

    Thanks for your email.

    Before spelling it that way I spoke with Tony’s brother, sister and
    Simmone, all of whom told me his name is really spelt Antoine Roni Dixon – it
    has been misspelt by the media all these years.

    • Silly little girl repeater, did she check the court documents? I did. They’d hardly mis-spell someone’s name in court. Her explanation is rubbish

      • toby_toby

        Indeed. She’d have to show me a birth certificate before I believe her.

        I’ve never heard of Tony being short for Antoine, but I suppose anything can happen with white trash.

      • Graeme Edgeler

        You don’t know Court very well, Whale. Happens all the time.

    • Agent BallSack

      Either way the name she offered is not the name that was synonymous with the crimes – Antonie Ronnie Dixon was, so still a half arsed attempt and a completely piss poor excuse.

  • parorchestia

    We used to polish a turd when we were kids by drying it then varnishing it. It was great left on the teacher’s table.

  • steve and monique

    The joy of more inept reporting. Yup cant polish a turd,but you can roll it in glitter