Stuffed: People of Influence who aren’t

Yesterday the Sunday Star Times released their 20 People of Influence and Effect. One of them is supposed to be Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon:


There is a slight problem…the photo they have used isn’t Christopher Luxon at all. It is Air New Zealand’s Vice President Engineering Mike Sinett. The photo that they used from Setford Photo News Agency, that they would have paid good money for even has all the people in the photo named for their convenience.

The fact that Fairfax and Sunday Star Times would like us to think that these are People of Influence and Effect and they can;t even get simple facts right about the people they have chosen says a great deal about the integrity of the list, and of Fairfax.

For the record this is what Christopher Luxon looks like:



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  • DLM

    See Farrar is the most read blogger in the country as well as living in Auckland. More MSM fail.

  • williamabong

    I see a leading travel blogger made it onto the list, have these people no shame.

  • Rodger T

    SST probably should have just called this , A List of People Who Have Their Pic in Todays Paper.

    A actor on Shortland St has an impact on our lives? We are well and truly fucked as a nation.

  • williamabong

    If this rag really wanted to report some actual news a good start would be the critical report into the multi billion dollar stuff up that is the UNDP and it’s inept leader, or would be a case of the dog biting it’s master?

  • Michael

    Their list has some people I couldn’t care less about – seven of the twenty are in the fields of the arts and entertainment. And Sonny Bill Williams will get little influence from Australia apart from ensuring the Bulldogs will get mentioned every Sunday night on the news.

  • Whafe

    Sunday Star Times = All piss & wind like the barbers cat

  • J.M

    Sloppy. Fuck why all the errors? The rugby journalists are fucking terrible too, the likes of Marc Hinton, Richard Knowler etc. are error machines.

  • LesleyNZ

    I know one or two but the only name I remembered was David Farrar. How come you are not there Cameron Slater? Hang on – think I know a couple more faces and names. Influential? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. How did the SSTimes come up with this list?

    • Gazzaw

      The list would have been compiled by the very active Auckland B-listers wanking machine. Most likely the Grey Lynn chapter.

  • botti

    The beard should have been a red flag.

    • Lofty

      Not to mention the full head of hair

  • Lofty

    I have to say even after looking at the photos and putting names to them I only recognised 3 faces, of those 3 Graeme Wheeler is the only one who may have had any influence or effect on me last year.
    the rest????????
    I mean who ever heard of Urzila Carson – comedian???, the only funny thing about her is the inclusion on the list I reckon, or Farida Sultan – activist against Indian Rape?????? good on her but come on, a bit of piss being pulled here.
    Mind you there is the Godfather of the blogosphere, our one and only DPF, not that his influence and effect are big players in my world, anymore than any blogger really.

  • flashman

    These features often seem to confuse, “interesting” with, “influential”. It’s just Sunday newspaper light reading. Perhaps they should have also qualified it with, “… and whom the SST likes.” because they’ve omitted Whaleoil.