Stuffed – Sunday Star Times does a Herald Bomb

In their rush to slam Coca Cola as an evil global corporate monster the Sunday Star Times has not managed to even use a correct photo of the outgoing CEO.



You think they could have got the right photo…that person, who ever it is only resembles George Adams from in the remotest possible way….they both wear glasses.

There is a recent photo of George Adams in the NZ Herald inside their anti big business, anti-American corporate attack piece

I also found these ones online:

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  • fozzie2

    Is this ‘payback’ for them putting Farrar and not Whale as 20 of their ‘People of Influence’. Pretty cheap shot !!

    • Teletubby

      Farrar was one of the few among them I had even heard off. They also named Kiwiblog as most read and most commented blog in New Zealand, we know for a fact most read is wrong and I suspect WOBH may be giving Kiwiblog a run for its money in the comments department as well now. I wouldn’t know for sure, I got a bit bored of it when it became a travel blog so only rarely look at it now days

    • How is it a cheap shot? They got it dead wrong, wrong person, wrong photo…glad you think it is ok.