Sunday General Debate

Is this the Tui Brewery?  Yeah, Right!




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  • Rodger T

    Gun control, you `aint gots it.

    at 5 mins,Darwin of theCentury award.

  • Pete George

    The Garth McVicars and Andres claim that marriage equality will increase crime and destroy society’s morals, like if a couple of gay guys get married I’ll rob a bank.

    • Rodger T

      Smacks of desperation, what next ? Gay Marriage causes drunk driving or maybe even causes overdue library books?

  • maninblack

    Any one joined the new Mega?

    • and join the world’s biggest enabler for trading in child pornography? No thanks

      • cows4me

        What, you not off to the party tonight WO? Maybe the invite got lost in the mail. :-) :-)

    • 4077th

      Out of interest I tried to take a look and the main page was dead for about 2 hours. the fat man tweeted some nonsense about it being overloaded with people wanting to join…I have a different take on it, how about the US government and ours, the music and entertainment industry all starting a blitzkrieg DOS attack from almost everywhere so Sgt Kim dot Schultz has no idea where it’s coming from thereby rendering his so called “encrypted fast service” useless.

      • I had a look and everything is quoted in pounds not dollars ??????

        • Because Dotcon lied and everything is offshore, not in NZ like he promised

          • Yeah I thought as much. A NZ based business quoting in pounds? Pttff

  • Pete George

    That’s a tatty pic, detractive rather than attractive.

    • Dave

      Tatts What Tatts, can only see nice Curvessss ahhhhh and a few Beer Vats

      • Pete George

        I must admit that curves are much nicer than stick figures.

    • 4077th

      Clever PG…I just don’t get the whole girls and tramp stamp thing. Nothing wrong with the odd bit of art placed in an intimate place. Anything else is just plain wrong on a woman and a man for that matter. What is it with those stupid looking tat sleeves as well? It really does scream I am a dumb ass not bad ass!

  • cows4me

    Brilliant doco on fox this morning. Stossel: Texas vs California. Our fucking left leaning politicians should be locked in a room and be forced to watch this about 5 times, no make that all of them. The similarities between california and NZ are striking, yes big government and the progressive way are the pits, no doubt.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I’m sick to death of the shit the media give the police. Every day or 2 its some scumbag who got in a fight with the cops, but its the policeman or woman’s fault.

    Its pretty simple – don’t want to be beaten up by a cop or tazered?

    Don’t break the law, then threaten an officer.

    No wonder the police have no respect.

  • Please tell me what is wrong with the entire concept of this story (hint read the caption under the picture):

    You can figure the rest out from there
    (damn socialist hippies wanting all now rather than earning it (or and a socialist is different from a social lib before someone goes down that path))

    • Pissedoffyouth

      I have a tip for that couple:

      1. Buy a cheap place somewhere other then where you want. Do it up, sell it for profit.
      2. Do that again, but with a better house slightly more upmarket.
      3. Rinse and repeat until you can afford the dream house.

      How hard is it to understand? A “First home buyer” shouldn’t be buying the dream house in the first place.

      And whats the bet that once they do own this house, and go to sell it they’ll be whinging that “I can’t make any profit off it, why can’t I sell it to the highest bidder?”

    • Hazards001

      FFS they want to buy their 1st home in Herne Bay? The most expensive and sought after properties in NZ. They need a kick in the arse and a head pulling in lesson. Fuck off over to Te atatu and get started like everyone else. Whinney lil yuppie pissants.

  • Phar Lap

    Wonder whats with the NZ Passport.Question must be when is a so called 5 year Passport ,really a 4.5 year Passport.Read in todays SST that Chris Tremain the National Partys,Internal Affairs Minister,has refused to extend the term back to Ten Years.At the time of introduction in 2005 When Sullen Cullen and Clark from Liebour were in full flight in their 5years Passport tax grab introduction,the Nats were opposing it. Interesting Tremain should fly in the face of so many people wanting such a change.Where is the balls he used to show when he was in opposition.Just do it Tremain,restore your lion mantle,instead of being a sneaky ass licking pussy cat.

  • Patrick

    Is this the new Chinese Dairy Factory built to process the milk from the Crafer Farms?
    If so can they build more please

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Yay MSM have picked up on dodgy teachers having name suppression:

  • Mitch82

    I’m pissing myself laughing here.. gave David Farrah a pie, like he needs it:

    Their ‘People of Influence and Effect’ (PIE) Awards 2013.

    • Pete George

      DPF could sort of justifiably qualify, but Sonny Bill Williams FFS?

      • and the dance company CEO, CEO of Tardme, CEO of AIR NZ…a saffa imported comedienne…I mean WTF…are they taking the piss?

  • Ronnie Chow

    Info..The Sandy Hook Story Does Not Add Up…

    Joyce Riley, the producer of “Beyond Treason” a film about experimentation on US troops, interviews an expert in armed operations.

    There are so many problems with the official story.

    Here are just a few big ones:

    1. The deranged young man who allegedly committed this crime weighed about 120 pounds.

    If you calculate all the weapons and ammo the shooter was said to be carrying, it would have weighed nearly as much as him.

    2. Breaking into (or shooting open) secured doors such as the school had is not something an amateur is likely to get right on the first try. It’s a SWAT team level skill that requires much training and practice.

    Recall in addition to this, the shooter was supposedly carrying 100+ pounds of gear. Quite an acrobatic feat for a 120 pound young man who was not known to be in super fit physical condition.

    Related to this point is the strange fact that news reporters never photographed the smashed in door. Why miss out on a photo like that when they’ve exploited every other part of the story?

    3. Shooting “hundreds” of rounds in an enclosed space without ear protection (and there is no indication the dead young man found on the scene had any) would blow out your eardrums undermining your inner ear balance and your ability to stand up, let alone engage in these exertions.

    Summary: This evil act, if carried out as claimed, required super human physical fitness and a very high level of tactical skill – way beyond shooting skills – that would required serious, sustained training.

    What happened?

    I don’t know, but the official story is total bullshit.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Well there is the theory that all of these shootings are to make the public more willing to give up firearms, and to be more docile.

      But the Patriot act already meant that any resistance was terrorism, so not sure why they bother.

  • LabTested

    Body paint.

    I call body paint. I wish it was not so, but the inside thigh is not a huge area for normal tat attention. & of course the girls have exactly the same inside thigh thing going except opposite