Sunday General Debate

Hello and welcome to the Sunday General debate. Open topic, let it rip.




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  • ConwayCaptain

    Brave lady in an Islamo Fascist State

    • Mr_Blobby

      Probably family.

    • fozzie2

      Try doing that here to our naked emperor and see how fast you are arrested or mugged by his state funded goons !

  • Pete George

    Greens are outdoing Labour in opposition, outdo their policies – and appear to be owning The Standard. Comments and posts promoting Greens dominate. Even Whale’s favourite sysop lprent says he will vote for the Greens.

    David Shearer dismisses the blog as irrelevant and sticks to the same old Labour failures (strategies and strategists).

    Greens keep (uncannily?) addressing major concerns expressed at The Standard. Do they listen to the blogs?

  • Azeraph

    So, is it true what a lot of posters are typing across the net this morning? Pauls knighthood was asked for by him? anyone got a link?


      And the Clark beast helped arrange it…after she canceled knighthoods..what a hypocrite

      • Azeraph

        This is suspect by use of the word “Source” I couldn’t stand the bugger but i don’t wish no man the cancer path, most people know the pain involved. I don’t know why i feel this is wrong but if it is then regardless of ones contribution to their country, it should be looked into.

    • Mark

      At least Holmes didn’t have to buy his knighthood like some of the others during the Lange era

      • Azeraph

        Yes, this is true but why write the article if it can’t cite the source? Stink sticks in politics and the man isn’t even dead yet.

      • Gazzaw

        How did Cullen buy his knighthood off the Nats? It has always puzzled me particularly after his spiteful acts of economic sabotage during the labour governments last death throes. What hold did he have to score not only a knighthood but a cushy sinecure at Kiwibank.

        • StupidDisqus

          To make sure Labour will give Key a knighthood to go with his US Embassy posting in 2015…

    • ConwayCaptain

      If that is true, words fail me.

  • Drhill

    I see Netflix is releasing the first season of House of Cards – the American remake on Feb 1st.

  • Vikingforever

    In John Keys brave new world of apprentices his Mate, Stephen has
    just managed to ensure the need for more skilled trades people is about
    to be transferred to the USA and other places.

    Stephen has signed an agreement to shave 6% of the cost of insulation
    by allowing a German company the manufactures in the USA,(with their
    world lowest gas prices), to import and supply via Australia, insulation
    for the Christchurch rebuild.

    The same company sends the stuff here vai Australia so some jiggly poke going on there.

    Fletcher who make the product both here and in Aussie will now
    rationalize their production to Australia because it cheaper and close
    down the Kwiw plants.

    Conjecture I know but that’s what will happen.Fletcher shareholders don’t owe NZ anything when it comes to making a profit.

    So Whilst the Govt. may save 6% for the rebuild, NZ taxpayers will no
    doubt be ripped off one way or another, jobs will be lost once more and
    when the Germans decide our market ain’t worth it they will quit
    leaving us totally dependent on imports and of course we all kjnow what
    will happen to that cost once the dollar falls.

    That 6% saving will be absorbed by more people going on benefits through loss of their jobs.

    Now if the saving had been 30 or more % then maybe Stephen could justify his decisions.

    Lights out forever for NZ manufacturing. The Govt. doesn’t luv ya anymore than it does cow farmers.

    • blazer

      sound like a tru blu Fletcher shareholder…so competition is bad…!

    • StupidDisqus


      Which part of – Aussie workers are 30% more productive than Kiwi bludgers don’t you understand? If we went to a 60-hour week (8-6, mon-sat) then perhaps we could compete. Of course thanks to unions etc that is currently illegal.

      • Hazards001

        Since when has an Aussie lay about worked worked 60 hours a week?The country is loaded with the laziest most shiftless unionised bastards I ever met. However for Kiwi workers a 60hr week is often the norm.

        • StupidDisqus

          Duh. Aussie workers are 30% more productive. They produce as much business value in 40hrs what Kiwis produce in 60hrs.

          • Hazards001

            Oh? Really..where is this written? My bet it’s the kiwi’s working over there uping production.

          • StupidDisqus
          • Hazards001

            “Note: As specific data is not available, annual hours worked for Tourism and Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Mining have been assumed as New Zealand’s average annual hours worked per employee. Tourism is based on FTEs but manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining are based on number of employees. As separate data is not available, export and domestic productivity are combined”

            Wouldn’t it be fair to say that a high proportion of Aussies GDP is from mining and minerals? Industries which require large expensive machinery but small amounts of labour, yet still has all the above in the mix too. As opposed to our GDP which is based on a mixture of the above minus the mining?(Of course we have minerals mining but it’s not a drop in the ocean to what we could have.)

            Obviously I can’t argue against raising productivity.

  • Allyson

    I notice the Greens Housing policy is better than Labour’s. Both are poor but it must rile the old guard of the sunset party to be upstaged yet again by the greenies.

    • Pete George

      They are being upstaged again today. Compare Metiria Turei’s speech this afternoon to David Shearer’s – compare the reactions on The Standard.

  • cows4me

    I see some submitters are getting a hard time in front of the select committee hearing submissions on the gay marriage bill. It’s probably not hard to guess the ones that are treated to disrespect and intolerance, can you guess? Yes it’s the ones speaking against the bill. More, we going to ram this done your throat you bigoted straights. You have to love the tolerant LGBT community, bullshit artists every one of them.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Just had a look at the Horrrid. Whales mate Serepisos decked by a punter at the races I wonder if the scank with him knows he is supposed to be bankrupt.

    At last 4 years in the making but finally some sensible legislation. The WOF is going yearly in keeping with the rest of the world, it still does not go far enough and the usual collection of vested interests are predicting doom and gloom and the end of civilization as we know it.

  • blazer

    photo shop.

  • Grizz30

    I see that Penny Bright has not paid any rates for 5 years.

    She has to be taking the piss. I thought paying your taxes was part of socialism. This just highlights that the biggest mouthpieces for socialism feel that taxes are for “other people” to pay. It is the attitude that comes across that “other people will work hard so I don’t have to” that pisses me off the most.

    The article points out that councils have the power to increase mortgage payments or dock salaries to cover rates, but cannot do this as Bright has neither. Where I am confused is what she does for money? Does she have income earning assets or does she draw down a benefit (pension perhaps)? A tax assessment of her would be very interesting.