Talkback tonight


I am on NewstalkZB again tonight from 9pm till midnight.

Listen in on the channels above or online with the livestream.

Make some suggestions about what you would like to hear or talk about in comments.


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  • How about a radio debate about whether it is degradation (and a violation of a person’s human rights) for the police to force abused women with disabilities to remove their clothes if they make a complaint or peacefully protest about the illegal withholding of health care and legal representation.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Do you want to fix yourself ?
      Take responsibility for every thing that you say and do . Your own actions alone determine who you are and what you are . Work on yourself , for the answer lies within . Out here , you will only find a mirror . The faults that you find in life are your own . Let them go .

      • Rodger T

        Well said,Grasshopper.

  • I would like to hear you talk about your vision for New Zealand. What you would do if in charge, especially what you would do to people who are unable to support themselves. What about bad people and the death penalty, or seriously disabled or ill people that were costing huge amounts of money. What laws would you get rid of? Would you keep paying ex-prime ministers and MPs money for a job they no longer do and were shit at? Would you give the head of the diplomatic service a $40,000 payrise? Would you approve a salary of over $600,000 for a public servant? Why do you get angry and insulting when you see a woman cry?

    • Gazzaw

      It is talkback JR so why don’t you call Cameron & ask him.

    • Dave

      Here is my Answer JR.

      Laws i would not get rid of any laws in the short term. But would listen to Michael Laws, like Cam, he has some bloody good ideas.

      Ex PM’s and MP’s would still get PAID just like the hopeless Beneficiaries, your good self included.

      No, I wouldn’t give the head of the diplomatic services a $40K rise, they probably deserve a $80 to $120K pay rise based on performance and the shit they have to put up with…… JR.

      $600 K for a public servant, if they are doing a good job, YES, but i might make it a $400 ~ $500K salary, with a HUGE bonus structure if they reduced costs and increased efficiency, and got people like you working and off the dole, they might earn in excess of $1 Mill.

      Would also REDUCE benefits for the beneficiaries who have been on them for longer than 6 or 12 months by 10% every 3 months, make TRAINING compulsory for every beneficiary so they can get work, ANY type of work JR, even picking raspberries, shoveling snow, water treatment etc. Would Reinvest all of the saving from the Dept of Bludgers (you know it as WINZ) into Education and Health.

      Would make unions act like every other incorporated society, and shut down any who cannot file proper accounts, de-register them and tell their members why, and how they have used their funds illegally.

      Speaking of Educations and Unions, I would tell the teachers this is how it is, charter Schools yes, but double the numbers. Tell all other teachers and their unions, this is what you will achieve under national standards, or you are welcome to apply for re-training from the Dept of Bludgers if the Teachers don’t like it. Oh, and all promotions and pay increases from this point forward for teachers will be based on PERFORMANCE, the achievements your pupils have made. Oh, and don’t forget JR, there is more money coming for education and health from the clamp down at the Dept of Bludgers.

      To your post below, I am glad the Police checked they were safe and not at risk from a concealed weapon. Please also state the complete extend of your disabilities, strangely no details were on your site.

      JR, the gist of my stance, is each is responsible for themselves. Go take responsibility, take a deep breath and think of how YOU will improve YOUR lot without relying on the government or others at all. I realize it will be a strange scary sensation for you. God forbid, you might get a buzz out of it.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Hi Cam,

    Would it be possible for you to bring up some of the Green’s plans to ruin this country if they get into power? Bet you would get a few stoned hippies ringing up to have a scream. Could be quite funny.

    Also, saw that the Metro magazine gave you credit for the leak about Kristin school – good to see they take you seriously.

  • thor42

    I second Pissedoffyouth’s comment.

    I’d like you to *really* lay into the Greens by mentioning how NON-green wind turbines are. They CAN’T escape the proof – killed birds, huge pollution in China where the rare-earths are extracted and smelted for them.

    The Greens have been given a free ride by the MSM, so only people like yourself can bust their scams wide open.

  • AK

    Any topic exposing the fraud of the Greens in a constructive way

    Any way we van get access to a recording of the show??

  • Ronnie Chow

    How about asking listeners if they know of anyone who inspects wind turbines and/or picks up the dead birds and bats .

    • RightOfGenghis

      and don’t call them’ wind turbines’. get provocative, call them ‘bird shredders’

  • Well done Cameron – you were great!!!

    • Thanks Maryanne…JR Murphy never called though

    • Daniel

      Yes, goes from strength to strength.
      Having said that though, Pam and Tim aren’t the biggest fans, if you know what I mean.