Tau Henare is a loser

I caught this on the radio when a snippet of an interview with Tau Henare was broadcast about his ambitions and rekindled hopes to become Speaker of the House now that Labour are playing silly games about the selection of David Carter.

credit: guide2.co.nz

credit: guide2.co.nz

I do not have the exact quote, but Henare said (paraphrased)  

Do you know that in the history of NZ Parliament we’ve only had one woman and one Maori speaker?  It’s despicable.

That may be.  But it is equally despicable to want one of the top jobs in the land based on your blood line and not because you are the right person for the job.

It makes me cringe that someone supposedly at the top of his game, pitching for a job that would be the pinnacle for his career can only come up with a “but it’s my turn based on my race”.

Luckily, he’s been cold shouldered, as NewstalkZB reports

The MP told by his own party he’s not wanted as Parliament’s Speaker still wants the job.

National’s Tau Henare was pushed aside by his own party in favour of senior minister David Carter – who initially wasn’t particularly interested.

Mr Carter will be formally nominated tomorrow, but other parties plan to oppose that.

Mr Henare won’t say if Mr Carter is the man for the job – but he would gladly take it for himself.


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  • Whafe

    Indeed worthy of the “LOSER” status, rather poor form really….

  • Greg

    Always has Always will be.

  • paddles83

    He was a loser in NZ First First strutting around with Tuku and their Dirty Dog glasses and still fucking is in National

  • StupidDisqus

    So do the numbers whale – if Tau wants it, can the Maori party vote against?

    If they vote against, and Tau votes against, does Key have the numbers?

    • paddles83

      The Maori Party wont vote against the new speaker as they both still want the baubles of the office

      • Mr_Blobby

        He has been a good boy and taken great pains not to criticize Maori or maoridom so you would think that they would support him. But then there is the baubles of office.

  • spollyike

    Another part-maori racist who ignores the fact he is also part something else. Racist cock!! Obviously another supporter of having a future apartheid New Zealand and him being the speaker would be one step closer. Maybe John Key realised this??

    • dotcom

      Hardly (as regards John Key that is). How quickly we have forgiven John Key for his Maori seats flip flip. Well, everyone else seems to have forgiven him. I haven’t.

      • Hazards001

        But you’re not a Kiwi as you have been quick to remind us a number of times. Some of us however have only one place to call home.

        • dotcom

          You have no idea what nationality I am. But if you really would rather know about me than either Tau Henere, or John Key, then keep talking about me, and so will I. I don’t think I make a very good blog topic. So fuck off and stop trolling my comments. Get back to topic.

          • Hazards001

            I don’t give a fuck what nationality you are. I’m simply telling you that your slagging off of kiwis in past comments has been noted. Therefore I don’t really give fuck who you do or do not forgive as you unlike me can jump on a boat and fuck off home so fuck you and fuck your fuck off twat!

          • dotcom

            Thanks Hazards, for one of my best laughs on the internet in a long time. Cheers me ol’ mate.
            Anything to say on topic today, Hazards, me ol’ mate?

          • Hazards001

            Nope, that covers it nicely me ol’ mate!

          • dotcom


  • 4077th

    The guy is an inarticulate thug and would be an embarrassment. I’m pretty sure the rest of his party thinks so as well.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Is this the same Tau that my mate Trev gave a slap to.

  • Agent BallSack

    Watch the entitlement mentality come out next week in earnest. Media should completely ignore Waitangi but of course the will be falling over themselves to ‘donate’ to the terrorist brigade for a juicy story.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Shit is it time of year again, the national protest day for the brown supremest racists. Fuck waitangi day, fuck the treaty, change the name to New Zealand Day.

      Wait, the name change has already been done by a Labor Government and reversed by the next National Government.

      Nothing news worthy about some racists running around and protesting. But that’s all we will see in the News for 2-3 days.

  • Patrick

    Yep, play the race card – always works in NZ

    • blokeintakapuna

      most times… but not always…

    • dotcom

      Not this time, Pat. Tau’s been discarded anyway, but doubly disqualified for the very reason of racial “demand”. Racist (part-Maori) prick. (Not you Pat, Tau)

  • AnonWgtn

    Tau – stop being an arsehole.

    • Greg

      He just can’t help himself, its in the genes.

  • Travis Poulson

    Listening to Annette King this morning on zb all outraged because the opposition weren’t consulted on the appointment of House Speaker.

    • Hazards001

      I thought this was the case, excerpt from Wikipedia

      “The Speaker is expected to conduct the functions of the office in a neutral manner, even though the Speaker is generally a member of the governing party. Only three people have held the office despite not being from the governing party. In 1923, Charles Statham (an independent, but formerly a member of the Reform Party) was backed by Reform so as not to endanger the party’s slim majority, and later retained his position under the Liberal Party. In 1993, Peter Tapsell (a member of the Labour Party) was backed by the National Party for the same reason.”

      Perhaps Annette felt someone from Liabour should be given a crack at speaker and help reduce the bludgers margin to a manageable proportion given that their one seat minority is only due to the vagaries of the voting system the lefties foisted on us in the first place!
      MMP sucks arse!

  • Isn’t the role of Speaker like taking a lame dog out back to be shot?

  • Mr_V4

    Looks to be a case of Tau-ken Brown to me.