Technology makes a big difference

The road toll is about as low as we are going to ever get it. Last year 306 people died on the roads

The 2011 toll is the lowest since records began in 1952.

“Although the 2012 toll is one of the lowest on record, I’m saddened that it is an increase on the 2011 toll,” Associate Minister of Transport Simon Bridges said.

“While the full reasons behind the 2012 toll won’t be known for some time, we do know that both the number of crashes with multiple fatalities and the number of motorcyclist fatalities increased.”

The number of crashes in 2012 with three or more fatalities was eight (resulting in 30 deaths) compared with one (resulting in three deaths) in 2011.

The number of motorcyclist fatalities increased from 33 in 2011 to 45 in 2012. That equated to 15 per cent of all road deaths in 2012.

The police say it is trending downwards and they of course would like to claim credit.

Superintendent Carey Griffiths, the national manager of road policing said overall the road toll was trending downwards, and was a far cry from the 843 deaths of 1973 and 795 of 1987.

But of course vehicles are far different now..with crumple zones, airbags, collapsible steering columns, laminated glass,?improved?road barriers and surfaces and so on….many roads have had black spots and dangerous corners removed entirely.

So to claim policing is the cause of the drop is a little far fetched.

The un-spoken?statistics?is how many of those who died were suicide…I’d predict a good 10% at least.