That didn’t take long, first charges for a kid bashing for the year

January 10, Happy New Year and the first child bashing charges of the new year are in. There will be almost zero chance of this being anything other than feral scum bashing a SOCK.

A man has been charged with assault after a 9-month-old boy was seriously injured in Rotorua two weeks ago.

A police spokeswoman confirmed a 21-year-old man had been arrested and would appear in the Rotorua District Court on Monday.

She said the police investigation was ongoing. 

The spokeswoman said that about 6.15pm on December 28 an ambulance was called to a Korimako St house in Selwyn Heights after a family member went to a neighbour for help.

The child, who was in the care of extended family at the time, had suffered serious injuries, including head injuries.

Watch for the wailing from the usual suspects about how we ALL must do something to stop feral inbreds from bashing their kids.

Sorry, not my problem…it is their problem.


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  • Gayguy


    Hang the bastard. Then ask old Bob of FF to explain why gay parents would be worse than this scum.

    • cows4me

      How are gays going to be parents gayguy? Is there something about human reproduction I know nothing of?

      • Gayguy

        There are millions and millions of gay parents and families around the world. All raising their kids and doing a better job of it than the likes of the heterosexual scum above.

        And yes, you are rather ignorant of how homosexuals can have kids.

        • worksux

          So you can have children from a poop hole, Bugga me ( just kidding), GG you need to let the world know that faggots can reproduce, Science is still to hear about this immaculate conception.

          • Gayguy

            Goodness what silliness you talk.

      • unsol

        Seriously? In the same way all infertile hetero couples have kids….using one spouse as the carrier (if Lesbian) or surrogate (usually if gay but also if Lesbian cant carry for whatever reason) whereby the baby gets adopted to one of the couple after 10 days with missing egg/sperm from the bank.

        In this day & age that is why people get so pissed off with ‘sperm’ donors like above – they seem to reproduce until the cows come home, beating abusing & raping their babies & treating them worse than their family pitbull meanwhile genuinely decent people who see children as something precious & as a privilege struggle to have kids….whether straight or LGBT,

        • cows4me

          Seriously, yes I know all this unsol I’m simply trying to state the obvious. Gays want the best of both worlds , if they were true “gay” they would never have a child naturally, it’s not possible. Having said that I have no issue with gay couples adopting or using sperm donor, IVF etc as long as it’s not at the expense of a hetero couple, the hetero couple should always be considered first. Life’s not fair or “equal”, if one is gay it’s their burden in life.

          • Gayguy

            We want equality in every way.

            How is that the best of both worlds?

            Oh and as for the straight couple must be considered first, what nonsense. The well being of the child should be considered first, and as research around the world has proven, the sexuality of the parents does not matter one dot, and as such should not be a consideration as to where they sit in the line.

          • Dave

            I really disagree with you there GayGuy. No problems with equality, but when it comes to adoption IVF eyc nature has stacked the desk against you. You see, ever since Adam spotted Eve and bent her over his ute, that’s been the way babies are convinced. It’s natural. Adoption and IVF are our way of assisting those couples who for some reason of nature can’t have children if their own, ie correcting an anomaly. Now there is no way gay couples have ever been able to have babies unaided, so back of the que please. It’s only natural.

          • unsol

            Saying you have no problems with equality followed by a but indicates you do have problems with equality.

            “Ute” – utes are natural, they are man made & adam & eve a fairytale in a very old contentious & contradictory book.

            Adoption isnt our way of assisting infertile couples – it is a process designed to protect an unwanted child. Big difference.

            And nature is a tricky argument to posture: IVF is not natural as it is man made (rather than naturally occurring yet child mortality, infertility & same sex attraction are….as proven by history time & time again. After all if same sex attraction is so unnatural why do straight people keep having LGBT kids?

            So in that sense IVF is an unnatural remedy for natural fertility issues as there is no way some people have ever been able to have babies unaided….all the bits fit in their respective places regardless of ones sexual orientation.

            So rather than natural you are saying you dont like same sex couples having children because it does not fit your definition of normal…..which is another argument altogether with no real right or wrong answer as again is completely subjective.

          • Dave

            Unsol It’s like this, in simple terms Right throughout the animal kingdom (inc us advanced humans) we reproduce by rooting Once in every while the result is a baby. Some (hetro) couples can conceive which is abnormal, this is where I say they get first crack at IVF and adoption. Gay couples have no way in hell of conceiving no matter what they do, ask Cows4me the bulls ride each other but a bull has never had a calf! Nor will a gay couple they go into their relationship eyes wide open knowing they can’t have kids end if story. Hence, hetro couples at the front if the Que, gay couples at the back. And I add- I’m open to gay marriage etc, but lets follow natures rules.

          • unsol

            That is still not necessarily natural, just more normal – right throughout the animal kingdom people & animals have been keen on the same sex & have been infertile.

            As for bulls – you do realise how common AI is dont you?

            And to suggest that a hetero couple should be first in line because they are hetero is to assume that a hetero couple would be better parents yet we all know it is the hetero couple (or arrangement), particularly the hetero man that lets down, betrays & abuses children more so than anyone else. Like I have said before, 80% of men who molest boys identify themselves as hetero (we can assume that is the same for the men who go for girls)

            So if anything gay couples should be first in line as well, perhaps infertile hetero couples are in that position because of bad choices (promiscuity leading to STIs, or scarring from IUDs, body obsession leading to being underweight etc etc).

            So you see it becomes very difficult to start passing judgment when no one is perfect & there are so many variables & what ifs

            And if we are to follow nature’s rules then AI or IVF shouldnt exist as by that measure nature clearly intended for a whole host of people to not be able to have children or for the children born with disabilities etc to get the treatment the need……etc etc.

            Quite a slippery slope you’re sliding down their Dave.

          • Gayguy

            Given the number of children abused a killed by heterosexuals, it is only natural to protect kids and place them in the safest love filled environment. Regardless of the sexuality of the parents.

            That is what a caring society would do.

            Or do you consider it natural to beat and kill children in this day and age?

          • cows4me

            Sorry Gayguy disagree . It takes a mother and father to raise a child and if a child was up for adoption they would be considered first and foremost. You may not like it but this is a “burden” that goes with your lifestyle. Why should a hetero couple be denied a child because a gay couple wants one, the gay couple have chosen their path in life, they have to live with it.

          • unsol

            No hetero couple would ever be denied because they were straight! How ridiculous! There has never been a case and yet plenty of straight couples & gay men & women have adopted.

            And adoption is so difficult in NZ that it is almost a non issue these days anyway as those who are having babies when they shouldn’t dont give them up further, because adoption is now often open, people are reluctant as it means you end up adopting the family of the baby too

          • Gayguy

            If the gay couple are better suited than the hetero couple, then why would the child go to the least suitable parents?

            The child should be thought of first, not some out dated, inaccurate perception that straight is the correct choice.

    • GeorgeRomero

      Hi GG , can’t remember hearing of 2 gayguys who are ”parents” to a child doing this to ”their” child either ,but they are a very small minortiy anyway.
      But there are other ways to abuse kids you may not be aware of.
      Be carefull at the glory hole, also m8.

      • Gayguy

        I am well aware there are many ways to abuse a child. And almost always the perpetrator will be heterosexual.

        Now before I am called a hetero basher I am pointing all this out to show how stupid the argument against homosexual parents is, not to attack heterosexual parents.

        • Tristanb

          I’ve got no problem with gay parents, but obviously there’s going to be more heterosexual abuse – there are more heterosexuals.

  • unsol

    Oh nice, another heterosexual man harming a child. From Maori country. What a surprise.

    But yes we can all do something – vote for a government that enables the kind of welfare for these people to reproduce without care or thought.

    We can also support the NGOs that work with these at-risk communities so that young people growing up in volatile environments are less inclined to follow the same destructive path and who get to see a life other than wasting away on the back of other people’s hard earned money.

    We can also ensure that all women across the country take a zero tolerance approach to any kind of abuse – verbal, physical, or emotional (including cheating).

    Families like this article represent a tiny but horrific proportion of the majority of the abuse that goes in this country.

    White middle class may not beat 9 month old babies to death but they sure as hell raise dysfunctional emotional immature fuckwits who have no clue about what it is to be a real man, husband & father.

    So while we may not be able to directly stop assholes like this, we can certainly still do something that results in women & children being respected, loved & cherished.

  • Saccharomyces

    Say it ain’t so? This must be mis-reported, because Silly Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking bill put an end to all child beating!

    • Apolonia

      There are only two things wrong with the anti-smacking law
      1) what it does do
      2) what it doesn’t do

  • Dave

    Another Maori bashing a defenseless infant, where are the leaders in the Maori community, why isin’t Hone, Sharples and co screaming from the rooftops and holding a media conference saying this is not good enough, WE need to fix this ourselves.

    Short answer, zero leadership. Zero acceptance of the issue, and there is no good press here or no treaty money so they all hide, that’s the problems with today’s Maori, no leadership just take the money. Watch the hoards call me racist now.

    • Gayguy

      God help any white person who says that truth on Tv.

    • stinkeye2

      You’re getting it wrong, its because we caused them to be like that – we gave them the haka and made them warriors

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Once Steve Chadwick becomes Mayor the child bashing in Rotovegas will stop.
    She will simply ban it

    • pukakidon

      Funny old thing, I bet this guy is one of Sue Bradfords racist party supporters. Another left “do as we say, not as we do” moment. Instead of creating a stupid bill targeted at most of us that dont beat our kids, she should have convinced her constituency to stop kicking the shit out of prospective Mana party voters. Most of these child bashers are supporters of the left.